eMerge Americas 2022
B2B Vault Episode 67: eMerge Americas 2022

Written by Allen Kopelman

April 19, 2022

Video Transcription

Hey, everybody is Justin with B2B Vault, the payment technology podcast with your host, Allen Kopelman. We’ll provide educational information about business payments, FinTech, decentralized finance, and the technology businesses need in today’s world. And in today’s episode, we’ll be talking about the emerge Americas conference. We went down there, and it was at the Miami convention center. Pretty cool. Yeah. Miami beach convention center, all of a sudden, became alive. It was a lot of knowing what I was saying. There’s a lot of stuff going on down there, and that immersion it’s a big, you know, this was their first magazine, the changing face of tech transforming Miami into a global Tech hub. Yeah, It was. There is just an enormous amount of tech companies down there. And so we went to the show, and we got to go in a little bit early because we are a podcast. And when we went in, we saw a guy from today’s show. That was cool. And we saw, so you know, that the show is getting national recognition. And w when you go into the show, there were a lot of tech companies there.

We saw blockchain.com. We saw, OKCoin two big, the two humungous booths. We saw major banks at booths down there. We saw Amazon down there, but there was a lot, also many staffing companies trying to hire a tech, people, Head hunters, tech there, everybody was trying to hire a tech people. And there were like job platforms specifically for tech. But the cool part was we got to go through the, where there were startup companies. So these were companies that were either established companies, early-stage companies, startup companies, companies from other countries, like all in, like, where do we see a lot from Chile, Argentina. Yeah. Whatever incubator they got went down, and Chile had startups coming out of the country. Yeah. So there was the mayor who spoke at the conference I saw. And so that was pretty interesting, you know, to mayor Cabo was down there. So it’s exciting to see what’s going on.

You know, like Miami is becoming a hub for blockchain.com told us they just moved their headquarters to Miami. Yep. So that’s pretty interesting. So let’s just talk about some of the companies we saw. So we saw one Company, a pet company, epi pause, and it was a startup, and they basically, they took like the DNA from your pet. We sent it and put it in a little bottle. That’s what they were doing. Yeah. And then you send it in, and they could tell whether your pet would get sick or not. Oh, I thought that was crazy. And then another company we saw, let’s see, these guys. This was pretty cool called no way. Yeah. The K N O w wake. This was cool. These guys have an app Veteran owned, Veteran-owned, two Laurel based Two, really nice guys from Fort Lauderdale. So that is a cool app. And it showed you, like the wake zones, how rough the ocean was. And then you could look up different businesses along the intercoastal, where you could get, you know, would tell you that the Marine had gas and tell you if the restaurant had a dock. And if you could dock your boat there, not that it was just on the water and a lot of other cool stuff, and they’re trying to get their app going, but they were cool. Nice, really nice guys, Very serious. The guy that was behind the table, He said, he’d been working on the project For like ten years.

We saw this one called miss study, and this lady was helping people, parents, and children so that they could get college admission. So there was like a free, we went on the app, and you answered many questions. Right. Can you do it? Oh, No, that’s the woman, Right? Oh yeah, no, this was cool. So you take a questionnaire and answer it as you know, you can do it. So say I was doing it. So obviously, I’m the father. So I do it to fill out the questionnaire. I answered the questions as if for me, and then I put my daughter’s email address into it, and she would get the same questionnaire. And then you would be able to, you know, look at the data, the answers, and then like analyze the different types of answers that you were, you know you wouldn’t expect or know what your daughter was going to answer these questions. So, they hook you up with a, Well, they figure out what college is, that’s fit for what you want to study. Right? Some Of them help you apply to the college. That’s pretty cool. I thought it was cool. The lady was passionate, and we met the owner. She was passionate about her, her, her, you know, her invention that she was doing that. So many like Bitcoin, like this one, have coined custodian, a way to, you know, ways to keep your crypto safe. There was all, I mean, there was just so many, we saw this one, this one’s called denti desk, and this was software for dentists, veterinarians, and a couple of other businesses.

And it was designed by a company. These guys were from Chile too. And they designed this guy was a dentist, and he invented this software, and now he wants to bring it to America. So that was cool. Yeah, we saw this Company. This was cool. Minted table.com. I think we will have to put links to some of these words and do individual shout-outs. When we post the old Facebook, This is the woman, And she had to NFT. So you bought NFT from this Company and that, and then that enabled you. She partners with different restaurants, very high-end restaurants. And then they split the NFT, right? So let’s say you bought the NFT for 500 bucks. They split it 50-50 with the restaurant, and then you’re a member. And then that gets you to get reservations at a cool restaurant, you know? And it was funny because I went up to where I go, oh, is this like Gary V? And you’re going to sell a bunch of NFTs and build a restaurant. She’s like, no, these are restaurants all over the place. And you can get exclusive reservations. These high-end restaurants by buying NFT. I will have to check out how much this NFT is because, who knows, navigate this was another one. And they were showing how to, and they could follow, follow you around the member. That was crazy. With the, so like if you’re in manufacturing or have warehouses, people pick orders and stuff. Yeah. They look like a robot like this, and it helps it’s the PPE Protect Protective Yeah. Protection Equipment.

So like, if you’re lifting stuff, it’s got like these brackets, you look like Robocop almost As a startup company, and it’s, and it also tracks your footsteps in the warehouse. So you know, if you want to see if your workers are being as productive as possible and efficient, right? Yeah. Yeah. There was a lot of really crazy stuff There. I didn’t check that out. I went to Swan, and there was a guy; these guys had an app about soccer. Yeah. And you know where, so they have all the different places where you can play soccer, indoors, and outdoors, and then you can get on the team and stuff like that. That was pretty cool. There was a smart bar. This one was pretty cool. Although I think, you know, they got to do some, do something interesting with it, so that there’s some, let’s say you go into Starbucks and you order your coffee, you could order it through the smart bar app. And then you don’t know which coffee is yours. And then they had this big thing on the table, and it turned colors. I Think it could Be, and it could be pretty cool. I can see how it could be used. Right. But they need to figure out how to one, make sure that it can be connected with Yeah. The point of sale that somebody is using. Yeah. It needs, but it was a pretty cool technology. You know, especially now, people are trying to figure out, ” Oh, I have a takeout rep; let’s say you have a restaurant, people order food. And they come in to pick it up instead of going, Hey, my name is Justin. And then they look through a bunch of bags. Justin could walk in, and the cubby hole could be red. And then Justin knows. Cause from the app, it says that your stuff is in the red color-coded. Yeah, it was pretty cool. That was pretty cool.

That was some pretty cool software. I mean, I picked up a lot of business cards. I’m just going through the Dan, and that was the guy from no wake. Yep. We talked about, you know, I picked up a ton of business cards, but not everything, you know, like hits your, hit hits you, and you go, oh yeah, that was, you know, that was cool. There’s like a lot, oh yeah. This one was kind of crazy. This was like a workout thing. So like now, Peloton has this as a camera, right. And this was the same thing. And you signed up for free to do this workout thing, train to earn, and yeah. And then while you’re working out, you’re, if you’re doing correctly, she said that you earn crypto while you work out. And I was like, kind of, that was kind of interesting. That’s what I’m saying. Like, some things like hitting you and you go, I remember that. It was cool as they were looking through. Oh yeah. We saw a lot of like all types of bots, like different bots that can do all different things. And we saw, I’m going to have to find these cards. We saw this one Company that had, they were teaching autistic children, and they had these robots that could teach autistic children. So then one robot that could just talk to the child.

And then, another robot like count the five and the fingers came upon two. That was pretty cool. That was like really, really, really cool. Oh yeah. This one backyard gig. That was kind of interesting. Like, I don’t know. There’s like, it’s like, it’s like fine people that do stuff at your house, but geared to like college kids would be doing with it that was kind of handyman work, handyman work or mow your lawn and you know, maybe help you move or something like that. Change a Light Bulb. Yeah. Simple things. This was pretty cool. It was called a fishing box. And these guys are providing training for schools, businesses, and government organizations. And there are two that they would run through. It was pretty cool. The guy described that they were going to show a real scenario. Like someone sending you a text message. Oh, did you send money by Zell? And then, you know, you shouldn’t be clicking that link. I’m sorry to cut you off. But I just wanted to shout out that those one guys would be the screen To turn. He didn’t have any business cards. I don’t know. There were so many people there like that. No business card, no marketing material. They didn’t even have their link to their LinkedIn. It was weird. Like, I don’t know. Some of the people in the boosts were Terrible. Yeah. I paid that type of money, and they were shy to talk to you. So like, you know, they should be trying to talk to everybody, but this fishing box thing was pretty cool. Cause they’re training people like, Hey, you get this email, tell your supervisor or tell the business owner. Hey, I’m not sure. Is this a real email? Cause all the time, like I get emails every day. Oh, this invoice is due. Okay. Well, I don’t know who that Company is. Forget that. So I get rid of it, delete it from my email, or get a text message. Hey, did you send money by Zell? And then it tries to trick you into logging in to Zelle, right? And you put in your login information, and then whoever’s on the other end of that. Now can log into your bank account and steal your money. Phishing is a real problem.

And I told them, I go fishing at an email that’s been around for years, and it’s stepped up. But the fishing through text messaging is completely out of control today. I think that’s more out of control for identity theft than anything, you know? Yeah. There were a lot of health-related apps. Yeah. All types of health-related apps that could do all kinds of stuff for help. We saw this guy, we called it. His business card was cool, called let’s box it. And it was a company that was shipping boxes to Latin America. That was, that was interesting, you know, that’s I think that you know, people like, you know, there’s a lot of people that want to do business, you know, you’re, you’re going to want to take their business globally, you know? And that’s like, one of the things we’ve done this year is launch our product called worldwide digital payments, which enables people that if they’re going to process transactions globally, take money from people out of the US that they can make money in their currency and not work. And then also you’re more protected for chargebacks. We saw a company down there making juice, juice products they weren’t powdered juice products, powdered juice products for like immune antioxidant, you know, I’m not sure. Yeah. I’d have to do more research to see what’s going on.

This one. I can’t, and I don’t re I remember this imaginary list, this image risk. Oh yeah. We wanted to show our graphic artists and the office, because that cool software, is it that yes. Yeah. That’s it, and it started with a seat. It did. Okay. Maybe that’s not it, and this was another software that added something for graphic arts. Yup. The robotics. That was cool. There was another company there that also had some robotics. There was a company, and there were many things for many different apps. People should understand about the app store: you know, you need to understand that, you know, what are they when you’re selling you when you’re doing business. You have your business in the app store, and you need to understand that Apple and Google are taking 20, or 30%, or whatever the percentage is. I know that there have been several lawsuits, and they got in a big fight with Fortnite that the app store. Right. And that was a big one because it’s millions of dollars being spent on this Fortnite thing. So I think entrepreneurs need to understand those other ways to facilitate payments inside the app store. We can help with that. Some of these people were not at the, not at their tables, CRC, sustainable.

This was kind of cool. We talked to this Company, and you basically can invest money and crypto, and then they’re doing sustainable projects down in Latin America. Oh yeah. That was somewhat neat. We saw somebody, and they were selling, they were, had a lot of, there were a couple of apps of people selling like ticketing and entertainment, like going to venues and going to restaurants and stuff like that. That was interesting. Let’s see, and there was a lot of cloud stuff going on. We saw some cyber insurance down there. Here’s a guy renting out paddleboards, just like you rent out an Uber bike, a bike like you run a bike, but you can run out a paddleboard. And then that 20, 30 locations all over south Florida looked cool. Here was the backyard a gig again. That was, that was interesting. There were a lot of apps like connecting to suppliers. Here was the thing about autism. This guy was; this was cool about the odd oops. The office of the robots. Oh yeah. I thought this wise-cut video editor had some exciting features. No, this isn’t even the one. No, that’s a difference when there were many like video editing. There were also some like augmented reality, augmented reality, and new website platforms, like different types of websites and brand platforms. This was the thing you were talking about that it put on the Eagle scout, this eco stone skeleton thing. Yeah. Content Jenner. Yeah. This was pretty cool.

This was somebody that had a way for you to use your company data like Google. So like, let’s say you have all your company data up in the cloud. You could go in and search that away for you to search through your company data, to find that whatever you got stored up on the cloud, that was pretty wild. Even if you use multiple systems. Yeah. There were a lot of tutoring apps that were, this study, something a little more accessible. And we saw a lot of stuff for coins down there. There was a lot of, and there were a few boots about NFTs. It’s about an NFT convention. Right. Mana. And then it was a lot of Bootcamp T Bazell. Yeah. And there was, there was a lot of companies that had like coding, boot camps, coding schools, right. Coding stuff for kids. We saw one coding for girls, right. Coding for girls. So that was pretty cool. There were Mobile apps that people could design a mobile app for their business. There was, There was, we saw a pretty cool accounting company. This one accounting company, they’re like, oh, if you want to meet with the CEO of the accounting company that Oculus and you could sit with Oculus and then look into the boardroom. I thought that was a little creepy, but that’s, I guess, a new way to have a meeting. I don’t know. I want to see the person.

I’ll rather look at you and zoom in and be on Oculus. I don’t know if I’m ready for the Oculus meeting. Are you ready for that? I have a meeting with Oculus. I’ve already done it, I guess. And then we saw these other glasses that looked like regular glasses. Remember that it was that, that gaming booth. And they had regular, and they looked like regular glasses, except it was accepting was like Oculus style. That was pretty crazy. Yeah. They made it was this Company, and they made interactive games and worked with people on interactive games, and they sort of like incubator. There were many incubators down there too because it was another company that had, like, there was, I say about two or three companies that had an alternative to like WordPress, Right. This was one story block. And the guy gave us a, they got pulled this thing out, and he’s like, oh, What’s that? Guess what it was? The woman said; she goes, guesses what it is. I had no idea what the heck this thing Was like; man, I don’t know. But it turns out it’s a reusable straw. It’s very cool. So I would say that for swag goes, I give them an eight-plus of the coolest swag on the shelf. Right. And that was pretty cool. These platforms are young, and these are startup companies. So who knows, you know, how well any of this stuff works, you know, that was more stuff from the fishing box blades. Yeah. And we saw that the Nova Southeastern university Broward center of innovation with a whole range of cyber classes. And we saw FIU down there with cyber, with all kinds of classes involving cyber and computing and coding.

W saw Miami Dade college that a huge booth down there. And there were several other incubator-type companies where people who are a startup could get involved with those companies. And one of the guys said, oh, we meet with everybody virtually. Yeah. I liked that there was a real estate company, a company where you could; I didn’t have a business card either. I took a lot of pictures with my phone. So maybe we’ll post some of them, the pig I, and a book it’s called the truth machine. I’m sorry I left it. So I took a picture to see it, but thank you to the Miami Dade College. They were. They had a gigantic Area. Yeah. They were talking to people about cyber security and blockchain coding. We talked on our podcast that we were down at the Bitcoin 20, 22. And you know, we talked about, you know, trade station made the huge bull, the Miami bowl. And it’s being moved out to the Miami Dade College as thereof innovation.

Right. Yeah. Cause it wasn’t outside, Trade station. I just read the article yesterday morning. They had a hiring event on the campus. Right. So the bull was out there today. They’ve been, yeah. I think they are looking for tickets semi-permanent home for the bull now. Right. Until they figure out what they’re going to do with this thing. But yeah, the show was informative. There was a lot of hiring going on down there. Cause some of the companies, and I wondered what they were doing. Oh yeah. We saw this other cool machine. This machine spun around in a circle and then took a picture of you. It’s called the 360 Experience. That looked cool. So there, you know, it was a very, you know, it was a very informative show. You know, we all, I like going to these shows because I was telling Justin, you know, they haven’t had this show in two or three years. And the last time I was down there, I met a couple of companies that made games, and we ended up helping one of those companies with their credit card processing. And then there was another startup company, and we started to help them with payments, but they ended up not being able to raise funds. Do you know? So if you were at emerge 2022, I wish all the businesses luck that they’re able to raise funds, raise awareness about their products, and reach out to us.

We’re going to try to post, you know, post some snippets from the podcast and maybe some pictures and then tag you out on the Twitter world and hook up with us on LinkedIn. But the link to my profile, Justin’s profile, and the Company profile at the show notes, and we enjoyed going to emerge 20, 22 down in Miami. Miami will be the hub, you know, or south Florida will be the hub for tech, and they want it. I mean, there’s, you know, there’s going to be probably; I saw a couple of conventions coming to the Fort Lauderdale convention center later this year. There’s a big NFT coming, coming to Fort Lauderdale. Also, we heard about some other NFT and Ft and blockchain events in Miami, and it’s going to grow. And you know, you want to, people want to find out more about what’s going on with the blockchain, what’s going on with crypto. What’s going on with tech. Tech is getting big. We work with tech companies and tech companies that want to go and just accept payments all over from all over the world. We can help you won’t accept payments just in the United States, help you with that. Yeah.

What would you like to add about the show today? I was I liked the fact that they had a university spotlight. So there were businesses from different comp colleges all across the year. Yeah. That was developed at universities. Yeah. Yeah. That was, was what stuck out the most to me. No, it’s nice. When you see college students developing a product For Ownership. Yeah. They’re trying to be an entrepreneur, and they’re getting, you know, and I always ask, when I go buy all these booths, Justin was probably surprised with this question, but I said, what are you doing monetize your business? I Wouldn’t surprise. Oh, well, you know, they were, You know, they were, a lot of them were caught off guard. Yeah. Cause I mean, what are you doing? You’re going to have a business. How are you monetizing your business? Or they haven’t even thought about having gotten that far. They haven’t put that in their brains as something they need to think about. Right. I’m like, how are you going to accept payments? How are you going to accept payments from them? Is it businesses? Is it government? Is it, though? Is it Crypto cash? Like that real estate company?

We asked to give them a bunch of questions. The guys at the booth weren’t sure about it. I know it took a picture of their video, but that was a cool concept because you can invest small amounts of money and then pick which real estate product, and then you make money off each month. And it was also interesting when we went by blockchain.com, we were talking to them, and the guy was saying, cause I was asking about the staking, right? Cause that’s been like a big bone of contention with the federal government lately. Like the companies we’re asking people to stake their crypto, were they doing it legally? Right. So they were saying, which I’ll check out on their website. They were paying, and they were doing it legally. And they were loaning the money out, and they were paying 9% annual on the, on your money. Which that’s a lot, that’s a lot. I mean, you know, I mean, listen, you’re Mo, you know, it’s not like a bank account because you could lose the money or the value of the crypto could go down, but they were not doing like a theory of them. They wanted you to buy a stable going. Right? So they were talking about USD T and US, the other VC, which are stable coins that you buy for a dollar; it’s worth a dollar.

But because they were loaning money to Bitcoin mining companies who probably can’t get a loan from the bank. And they’re probably charging that way more than 9%. I don’t feel I don’t know what they’re paying, what those guys are paying for money. They’re in a Damn Good business, but they’re paying their price. They’re loaning money at a very high rate to be paying 9% interest. So, you know, I was thinking about it seriously, like, Hey, maybe take five, ten grand, right? Put it in there. You’re making 9% interest monthly. And they’re just giving you more coins. And you’re just compounding all that on your coin. I’m going to, and I’m going to read their website and see how they’re legally allowed to do that. Because several companies just got the cup Bosch on doing that staking, this whole staking thing, because I don’t want to say it’s easy. It’s illegal. I wouldn’t use a word like that, but it was; there’s just a gray area. It was a gray area because they were holding onto your money. But anyway, if you have money, you know, I look at it this way. If you have crypto and it’s being held in an exchange, essentially, you’re taking it there. And they are using that crypto because they have access to it, and it’d be a fool otherwise. Right.

They are using it to do whatever they’re going and they’re doing with the crypto. Right. And that’s why the was Medico and Base. Right? Well, not just them. A couple of other companies got in trouble for the staking thing because they didn’t have the proper license to do the loans. So that was that. That was that Real quick. We want to say thank you to our sponsors. The payment advisory board, NPS bank, and nationwide payment systems. And He has printer NPS printer. Stuff That we have Short to follow B2B vault on iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Pandora, Amazon music, you name it. We’re there. Yep. Check out B2Bvault..info to catch up on some past episodes. You can listen to them there. There are also some forms you can get in touch with this guy, Allen Kopelman, possibly also fill out the other form for sponsorship opportunities. You can catch us on social media at B2B Vault on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok. Check this guy doing his wild shenanigans over there. Come on. I want people. I need to get, go ahead. We need a hundred likes on this podcast. You’ll do the Diddy shuffle. I can’t get Justin to dance on TikTok. That was not that good. Good dance. They’ll do the Dame Dash Diddy bop. I’m not a good dancer. So that’s fun. Likes 1000. You said a hundred. Yeah.

That’s what I meant. I get 100 likes on whatever on anything, whatever. Find a post that you like from us. Give us a hundred likes, and we’ll get Justin the dance. I’ll do a special TikTok, asking everybody to like it so we can get Justin to dance. Okay. I have more than a hundred likes on every TikTok so far. So you might have, I’ve said you’re in trouble. You’re going to have to dance, okay. I always say Carpe diem seize the day. It’s always a great day here at B2B Vault, and nationwide payment systems have a great day. If they found something of interest here that you’d like to talk to us about again, B2Bvault.info. Peace out.

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