Hotel Stimulus Program

One of our Banks/Processors is offering Hotels Signing Bonuses and Free EMV Equipment. Including pay at the table payment technology for your restaurants and bars! Free QR Payment Technology


  • Free EMV Devices – with a FREE lifetime replacement
  • Free Order and Pay-at-the-Table – Mobile Devices
  • Waived Gateway and Set up fees
  • Secure Payment Platform – with P2PE, Tokenization & EMV
  • 24-7 Customer Support
  • Full Omni-Commerce Solution – we bring it all together in one solution
  • Card Present, Online, Call Center, Mobile, and all the transactions in your outlets

We integrate with the most popular hospitality/property management software for hotels & country clubs

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hotel stimulus program

Take your Hotel to the next level with our Integrated Payment Solutions
You can get $1000.00 to $10,000.00 or even more!*
It’s time to do that upgrade you have been putting off

Save Money by Eliminating 3rd Party Gateway Fees

* Get $1,000 per merchant number


  • Tokenized Reservations
  • Auditing, accounting, and reporting tools
  • High-Speed Authorizations
  • Simplified PCI Compliance
  • Offline EMV Processing Capabilities
  • Secure Reservations
  • QR Code Payment Technology
  • Latest Payment Device Options
  • Internal Fraud Detection
  • Enterprise Management
  • Industry Leading uptime


  • Qualify for our program
  • Submit your paperwork (Electronic application)
  • Account is Approved
  • Account team contacts you to gather additional info and schedule installation
  • VIP onboarding team gets the files and equipment ready
  • Deployment Team – Ships the hardware to the hotel
  • Equipment is installed by the Installation Services Team
  • The hotel is now supported by our “hospitality specialists”
  • 24-7 Customer Support
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