Insurance Companies

How do we work with your company?

We work with your organization to improve the following with your payment processing and improve the customer payment experience:

  1. Gather information about your company and the processes
  2. Learn about how you process your payments
  3. Explain about Interchange and Emerging Markets
  4. Evaluate your current processing
  5. Discuss different payment options that you can offer

    When it comes to financial business decisions, you want a company that you can trust that puts your best interests, needs, and goals first.

    We work with your organization to improve the following with your payment processing and improve the customer payment experience:

    • Optimize your Interchange
    • Increase your Profits
    • Payment Options
    • We Integrate into over 500 different software products, and we have an OPEN API.

    Nationwide Payment Systems will work with you and your staff to launch a successful program:

    • Pricing
    • Technology
    • Payment Acceptance methods
    • Payment Choices
    • All the solutions your business needs

    We value creating and maintaining lifelong client relationships.

    • Nationwide Payment Systems works with you and your staff to launch a successful program
    • Getting the right pricing – Technology – payment acceptance methods are key to success
    • Spending on credit cards is increasing and is not slowing down
    • More businesses want to pay electronically – Credit Card and or ACH.
    • Transactions being paid thru electronic invoicing and or paying using a payment portal is on the rise
    • Using an expert is key – with 20 plus years of experience we can work with your company to design a program that runs thru one platform and offers your clients all the different ways they want to pay
    • The way your customers want to pay is changing and we can help you put a plan in place that will work for your company and for your customers!


    COMPANY #1 – Health Insurance – Call Center

    Using CRM Software – we determined we could integrate a gateway to the CRM

    • Lowered their Costs through our “Optimization Program”
    • Reduced fees saving $10,000 a month and $120,000 to $150,000 a year based on the yearly volume
    • Also added ACH which reduced cost as ACH is significantly lower than credit card fees
    • Adding ACH saved $50,000 per year in fees

    COMPANY #2 – P & C Insurance Company

    We met with the company and reviewed the following:

    • What software do they use for their CRM system and portals
    • How they used the software, call-center, invoicing, payment portal
    • Reduced costs and eliminated extra authorization expenses
    • Reviewed the gateway they used and who controls the gateway
    • Switched current statements and used our “Optimization Program”
    • Lowered their rates and saved them $12,000 per month and approx $180,000 for the year



    At Nationwide Payment Systems, security is part of technology and is a top priority.


    We make sure each client is doing their SAQ and if there are any issues.


    Our EMV Solutions support a variety of transaction types.


    Point to Point Encryption PCI Validated P2PE solutions.


    All transactions are tokenized and all payment data is in the cloud on secure servers.


    We offer an OPEN API and we can integrate it into any system.


    Our systems are integrated into over 500 different types of software.


    We offer a payment portal so your customers can pay 24-7.


    Our virtual terminal and gateways offer a variety of features.


    We offer a variety of payment options, accept all major credit cards, ACH, along with alternative payment options.

    working with an expert is key!

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