Cannabis Merchant Account
Cannabis Related Businesses & Merhcant Accounts

Written by Allen Kopelman

June 30, 2022

Every day we get calls or see a post on Facebook or LinkedIn about needing merchant services for Cannabis – unfortunately until the Safe-Banking Act is passed, that will not happen. Congress attempted to slide it into another bill called the America Competes ACT, but it was dropped like a hot potato.

However, some friendly banks offer merchant accounts to Cannabis-Related businesses. The pricing is not (HIGH RISK – HIGH PRICING) Don’t be fooled that everything is you do is high-risk – I like to refer to these types of accounts as NICHE – why – with 20 years of experience in this business, there is a bank or processor for just about anything.

It’s the same as getting a mortgage or a car loan – not every bank wants to work with you because you might have a ding on your credit, get divorced, etc. It is the same for merchant services – but for you, that is good – as we know our way around the business, and we know which banks like what types of companies.

Here is an example of businesses we have helped:

  • CRB Related product company – selling vape hardware
  • CRB company selling – hemp rolling papers and cones for MMJ
  • Fertilizer for plants – Hemp and Cannabis
  • LED Grow Lights
  • Doctors who sell the Medical Cannabis Card
  • Magazine Ads for Cannabis publication and subscriptions

These are a few examples of the types of merchants we help.

We also work in many other high-risk – Niche business types. We have been doing merchant services for over 20 years and work with various banks, processors, gateways, and solutions.

We work with B2B, Distributors, Retail, Wholesalers, and E-commerce merchants of all sizes; as long as your website is compliant with what the bank is comfortable with, we can get your account approved.

Businesses that support the cannabis industry are growing, and the need to accept credit card payments is vital to doing business; we have the solutions to help you get processing for your business.



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