B2B Vault Episode 9: Merchant Statement Analysis – Interchange Secrets

Written by Allen Kopelman

October 28, 2021

merchant statement analysis

Hi, this is Allen Kopelman. With another episode of B2B Vault brought to you by Nationwide Payments Systems, NPSBank, and The Payment Advisory Board. So today we’re going to talk about our program for merchants who want to take crypto, but get dollars. Now you can get crypto too, but let us explain how this is going to work. One. There are no chargebacks. So this is very important. This is great for doing large-dollar transactions. This is great for doing, you know, international business. Also, this is we’re looking at luxury items. So people that have sold jewelry, fine art cars, luxury cars, travel, they cations, you know, all types of luxury and high dollar purchases. Also like a B to B. This is great. You want to sell your products to somebody in another country. This is much safer and cheaper than doing a wire transfer and exchanging currency and all that.

So with our hub, let’s show you how it all works. You’re going to create an invoice inside the hub, put in the person’s information. In this case, we’re asking for $10,000. And then what happens is we get all this filled out and then we’re putting in the amount of money. You can even upload the invoice. If you want, what it’s for. You can add on the fee. So you can already add on the fee that we charge and it’s costing you nothing. And then you send the invoice. When you send the invoice to the customer, it’s showing them that what’s due is 10,200, $3. The due date is today. The invoice number, description, what they’re buying, they’re going to click pay. Now, then they’re going to get where making a payment to the name of your business. How do they want to pay Bitcoin light coin, Ethereum Bitcoin cash on the left-hand side. Then they’re going to see the next screen where it’s going to show, oh, to pay the $10,000. That’s what they needed. Bitcoin, because we collect a bank going, and they’re going to either scan that QR code and copy that into their wallet and complete the transaction. There are no chargebacks. You’re going to get $10,000 of either Bitcoin or you’re going to get $10,000 of cash in your bank account. So we’re going to deposit cash into your bank account.

Many businesses need cash to go into your bank account because what are you going to do with all the Bitcoin? You’re not going to, you can’t pay your rent, your mortgage, or employees. You know, if you’re a car dealer, a jewelry store, you have to pay for your goods and services. So this is a great way for businesses to take crypto and get money deposited into their bank account. Just like you do when you take a credit card. So we basically designed this program. Because when we talk to merchants about cryptocurrency, they didn’t really understand what’s going on. Now, if you want to take the crypto and keep it in crypto, you know, the problem that you’re going to have is is that then there’s going to be additional fees to take the crypto and convert it to dollars and deposit it into your account. So we’re doing this. It’s an all-inclusive process where sent, you’re sending out an invoice or you could be doing this in person also. So you send out your invoice, the customers, you know, getting the invoice, they’re picking how they want to pay. They’re copying and pasting the address that gives the QR code or the code into their wallet, which is sending the money basically to your wallet over on our platform. And then that’s all in, but we’re including all the fees that happen because I bought Bitcoin. And then I went to go sell Bitcoin. And it was the craziest thing ever to sell the Bitcoin because it all had to be sold at fractions. So it’s being sold in fractions of point 10 points 20. So sometimes if someone’s exchanging 20, 30, 40, $50,000 to convert that to actual cash, it could, you could be doing multiple transactions, 5, 6, 7 transactions to convert that we’re already figuring that into the whole formula of how much the customer is paying to convert the Bitcoin to cash. So this is our program. Bitcoin, you take Bitcoin, you take light going, you take Bitcoin cash. You take a theory from and get cash in your bank account.

This is great for luxury purchases, high dollar purchases, B2B purchases internationally. So if you want to find out more about this program and there are no chargebacks, like there is with a credit card. So this is a great program for businesses. This is really awesome. I think this is going to really grow and it’s a great way to attract new business to your business because there are all these Bitcoin millionaires that are out there. And they’re looking at ways how to spend this money. So Allen Kopelman, with another episode of B2B Vault brought to you by Nationwide Payment Systems, NPS Bank, and The Payment Advisory Board contact us and we’ll get you set up. There’s no setup charge and no monthly fees for our crypto program. Thank you.

Merchant Statement Analysis | Merchant Services Statement Analysis
Merchant Statement Analysis | Merchant Services Statement Analysis
Merchant Statement Analysis | Merchant Services Statement Analysis


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