B2B Vault Episode 63: How to get an ATM in your Business?
B2B Vault Episode 63: How to get an ATM in your Business?

Written by Allen Kopelman

March 29, 2022

Video Transcription

Everybody, it’s Justin here with B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast with your host Allen Kopelman; we’re providing educational information about business payments, FinTech or financial technology defy or decentralized finance, and the technologies businesses need in today’s world. in today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about how to get an ATM in your business. And here you go, Allen, take it over. Thank you, Justin. ATM Management is one of my favorite subjects. So I always enjoy talking about the ATM business. And we got a lot of inquiries from business owners about how I get an ATM in my business? So let’s get into it. So basically, there are two paths to the ATM business path. The business buys the ATM, and then they load the money themselves. And path two is managing ATM services, which we Excel at. So we supply the ATM. We supply the money. We supply the armored carrier that comes to the ATM to unlock the special lock there. And oh yeah, we have special locks that go on the ATM, and the ATMs are high capacity.

So they hold plenty of money so that you don’t have to go to the ATM every two, three days and load it up. You know like someone’s loading it themselves. They can use a smaller cash drawer in the ATM. We also cover insurance for the cash in the machine, and the service also includes maintenance. So if something breaks on the machine, we send out the maintenance guys, who fix it. Anything, you know, that breaks dispensers, somebody’s head butts to screenings As what breaks on it. Oh, man. We’ve had them in clubs, and somebody gets mad and bam head. But the screen on the ATM, Hey, the ATM, doesn’t work. Then we call it, oh, what’s wrong? Oh, some guy had budded the screen like, and then the whole screen is broken. And then, you know, you know, we’ve been doing this ATM long enough. So we have parts. So, you know, one time that happened and we had a whole front of an ATM because another part of the ATM got damaged. When this customer got frustrated, they bought a bar, and this ATM was in there, and they didn’t get the combination from the former owner. They didn’t get the code to the keypad, and the person didn’t like to set it back to default.

So if I were to sell you an ATM, I would set the keypad to the default password so that anybody can get in there and reprogram it. Right. So they didn’t know that. And then we told them like, you know, they called us like on a Friday at two o’clock in the afternoon, like, we can’t just set, you know, somebody can’t just drive there. It was like four hours away from Daytona beach. So they got called a locksmith, and the locksmith came out, and he thought he was a Mr. Know it all and drilled about 30 holes into the front of the ATM or inside the ATM, like those drawers. It’s not just like some lock you turn. And they’re like, you know like your house locked. It’s not like that. Then it is like some serious, and there’s a whole thing going Chris crossing inside the ATM, you know, we should do that. Like show the door, but there’s a whole criss-cross thing inside. So when you’re closing the thing, the doors are the locks go out. All these metal pieces are stainless steel. They lock the door in place, like on the sides, top, and the bottom everywhere. It’s like a spider.

Right. It’s like a spider ghost. And then like a bolt, Like a real wall, Like a real vault. So it’s locked up, you know? So you can’t just drill a hole in there while they got busted, you know, a hole inside the ATM. He finally got the door, but it was pretty funny. The whole, so they’re like, oh, well, can you get us a new door? How much do you charge Them for that? No, there was not. First of all, we’d have to find the door From the specific ATM that somebody might have lying around. We know, so we came, we had to go there plus I didn’t have the code to the keypad. So the whole key, basically the ATM, was just a big, just like a big paperweight. So it was a big paperweight. And you know, we had another guy a couple of years ago, he went out, we tried to sell him some brand new ATMs. He wanted to start his ATM route. So people do that. They’ll go into the ATM business, they’ll put ATMs in businesses, and then they’ll, you know, make it like a little business. Don’t go put the money in, you know, businesses. And they go around every day putting money in the machines. And then, they split the surcharge with the business owner that works in some low-volume locations. But it’s very labor, you know, labor-intensive. Right. It’s So dangerous as well. Yes, very dangerous. Most of the guys were like Bulletproof vests that were very serious about doing it. They’ll like to equip their car, or van with a safe and have it bolted to the car’s chassis.

So you can’t get their money, and they keep the money in the safe, in like I’ve seen guys make, put them under the seats and the back camouflage, whatever they, they figure out ways To dad’s box. Yeah. Some will have two or three safes in a vehicle, like under the back seats. And you know, it’s not to say, as long as you know, you have to be careful and mean, you know, I know a guy in Jacksonville, Florida, he got shot loading, ATM. Somebody robbed him. He only had a few thousand dollars on them. Yeah. It’s not Worth it. So we don’t do that. We don’t load a TMS. We just only use up the managed ATM services. Right. So if somebody wants a Car, the guy comes In the armored car. No one’s going after the armored car guy because they’re two guys, and both are armed. I heard his way always more than two. Well, some of them like some of the trucks, some of the bigger trucks, there’s three guys, right. All the time. But a lot of trucks only have two people. So the, you know, the, you know, our first four wet for a, you know, our first ATM was a complete failure. We bought ATM, and we put it in a business. The business owner was supposed to load the money. The guy had never loaded the money. So there was never money in the ATM. Then the guy complained, oh, I’m not making money. You’re not making money because, you know, we supplied you, the ATI, you got to put the money in the ATM. So if there’s no money in the ATM, you’re not going to make money out of the ATM. So you have to be, you have to be doing it.

You know, and there are a lot of good benefits to having an ATM in your business. You know, you increased foot traffic in there. Especially today, many people get paid, and they get paid on a payroll card. So they want to come to places where they can make money off of the payroll card. Right. And then especially in a store, like a convenience store where they have bill pay and things like that, or you’re in an area like maybe not so close, like we have a client that loads their ATM. And it’s like in a city outside of Jacksonville. So he’s about an hour and a half outside of Jacksonville. Well, there’s no bank in the town When They’re retired. So the guy loads the ATM; he goes through probably 40, 50 grand a week loading it in the ATM. So it’s a big benefit. And he’s helping the community because he’s providing service that, you know, cause there’s no local bank in the area. So, businesses can increase traffic. You know, you’re in a nightclub. People want to get cash, and you have cash. You’re in a hotel. Somebody wants to get cash. So we’re talking about additional services that attract people to your business. So one of them is all point, a special network that many banks belong to.

And if you’re a convenience store or a hotel that can drive trafficking, cause some people will be looking for an all-point ATM, That feature was dead. That was new to me. I didn’t know that you could use a debit card. I mean, an ATM to send someone money like Western Union. Yeah. Well, they have MasterCard money pickup. So a lot of banks have that Wells Fargo has it. And we have, you know, cardless at the ATM. So like some banks now have in their app, like, oh, I want money from the ATM. And you’re in someplace, and you don’t have your ATM card, but you have your bank app. So you can go on your bank app, say, I need 200 bucks from the ATM. If that ATM is equipped with a cardless ATM function, you scan the QR code in your bank app or have MasterCard money pickup. Right? So MasterCard money pickups for, let’s say, Justin, your daughter’s at college. She needs 300 bucks cash, or the car broke down. It’s in the middle of nowhere. You look online, and there’s a MasterCard money pickup location at a convenience store nearby. She can go to the convenience store. You text her a code. They scan the code. MasterCard money pickups have been around for about three or four years. Maybe a little longer than That. Advertise that they’ll do It.

No, only the banks who have it would be advertising, MasterCard, money pickup. Now you have Zelle and cash app, stuff like that. But sometimes somebody needs actual. Yeah. When I need you, cash, I need cash. Yeah. So if you need cash, you need it’s a lot cheaper than Western Union. Is this in a couple of like a dollar 50 a transaction? So, somebody will use many people to use MasterCard money pickup. We see it used in hotels, convenience stores, and areas close to colleges because kids need money. That’s how they get it. Do you know? And especially if they need cash, dynamic currency conversion is big like, in areas where there are a lot of tourists. COVID cuts that down, but now we’ll see more international tourism. What’s dynamic current? What does die? What’s so dynamic about converting. So let’s say you’re traveling to the United States. You’re from Japan or Europe, and now you come into the hotel and need some cash. So you don’t have any us currency on you. So the only way to get us currency is to go into a bank or go to a currency exchange place. That’s not very convenient. Right? So you can just go to the ATM, put in your ATM card from your country. Oh, you want to convert this to euros or yen or whatever it is. And you say yes. And then you say, oh, I want $500. And then that 80 the fee for converting the currencies done during the transaction. So you won’t see that person. The cardholder will not see charges on their bank account when they get home. So if the ATM didn’t have currency conversion, they would get the money out. And then whatever the conversion fees were, their bank would smack them for that. Right. And they don’t pay for it. My daughter went to China a couple of years ago. And before she left, we set her up, you know, with a checking account or whatever. Well, she always had a chicken capo. She never had her actual debit card. Right. So we had to get her a debit card, and I checked it one time. And I think one ATM charged her $25. Right? Yeah. Cause it probably didn’t have To get like 20 bucks.

Right. It’s crazy that, yeah, because that’s why the foreigners want to do the dynamic herds and conversion, so they don’t have to pay those conversion fees to their bank. So her teacher ended up being the dynamic currency converter, and he just had a bunch of cash. Right. So, he created a little, like a little ledger. And then he came, when he got, when they got back stateside, you know, he went to all the parents like, Hey, this is what your kid calls me, you know, blah, blah, blah. So that worked out better than way better than her going to the ATM. I don’t know how the ATMs work overseas. So she, there was fees up there fees. Oh yeah. So it’s CR; it’s the same thing for that. And then, you know, the other thing is like, we have a relationship with a company called Liberty X. So you can buy Bitcoin on the ATM during, you know, you want 20 bucks out, and it’ll say, oh, you won’t buy some Bitcoin too. But you weren’t a real huge fan of that. I’m not a big fan of the machines where you put cash in and then buy. It turns it into Bitcoin, Right? I’m not a big fan of that. First of all, it’s labor-intensive. You have to go there to pick up cash all the time out of the location. So I’m not a big fan of those machines. Some of them are very expensive. So There are various. You can get into seven. I’ve seen those machines anywhere from five grand, seven grand, ten grand, and 15 grand. Do ATM still lets you deposit cash into your checking account.

Yeah. There’s some ATM. Now you’ve got to remember there are bank-owned ATMs and non-bank ATMs, but there are some non-bank ATMs where you can go that they, go to the ATM, perform of deposit by putting in your, you select deposit. Right. Then you put in your debit card and your PIN, right. And then you can pack, put cash, have a bill acceptor put cash into the machine. I used to have The Deposit it into your bank account. I used to do that for my business account because I would never make it in time to deposit the money in the bank. Right. But I didn’t want to hold on to the checks or the cash or whatever you know; however, I got paid. Right. So at the bank, they do it all the time, but there are some non-bank. Well, that was why I’ve been going. I’ve gone to the bank recently and didn’t see the deposit. Usually, we have to put it in an envelope and put the deposit. Like the little you remember, I’m saying, you had that, Oh yeah, the night deposit. They, a lot of banks, took those away. Interesting. But you know, cash recyclers, too, don’t work very well, but people can put deposits onto their debit card. And then the cash that they’re putting in there gets dispensed out through the ATM. But I don’t think that that’s viable as a solution for, you know, to have in a business. It’s also expensive, probably three times the cost of a regular ATM. I believe you had a lot of people putting cash in it that could cut down on the cash loaders going out to supply cash for the machine.

But I’m not sure that works because, you know, ATMs generally dispense, let’s say, the twenties, or you could set it up with twenties and tens or twenties and fifties. And if somebody, if you’re accepting deposits, people will be putting everything in the twenties, tens fives, Singles, Singles. So that’s hard to, you know, to cash recycle through an ATM or somebody has to physically go there and take the money deposited and then put it into the dispensing side of the machine. So I’m not, you know, I’m not so hip on that, you know, that form of the ATM, but you know, you’ll see big eight like I used to see these ATMs at seven 11. Right. You could deposit checks there, but they have partnerships with different banks. Right. The company’s putting them in there have contracts, and you know, they’re probably looking at the area. I’ve noticed that a bank owns the ATM at gas stations. Yes. Some of them, Like at Wawa, PNC put ATMs and all the water. Yeah. They probably made a deal with an ATM company, like the one we work with, and they probably made a deal with them. And then, PNC is the sponsor of the ATMs. And then we’ve done that. We have a deal in a bank and George and Amal in Georgia. And then the sponsor is this credit union. So if people from the credit union take money out, they get surcharged free, and the bank pays Sergio. Okay. So, you know, there are arrangements. The bank might not own it. It’s just a partnership with the partnership. So since we’ve done that before, we like the same thing, like, at a stadium, we did a deal.

We tried to pitch a deal in this, in the stadium and the dolphin stadium here, whatever it’s called now. Did you guys try to get into the new soccer stadium? We tried that. They put out RFPs, and it’s challenging to get into these places. And once the RFP request for proposal, for proposals, you know, you submit them and you try to get in there, but you know, sometimes, you know, a bank can offer them a lot of money because the bank will say, oh yeah, we want to put advertising everywhere. And all that, you know, we try to like find, you know, maybe in a smaller area, you know, we would come in and partner with a credit union and say, oh, you know, we’ll supply, you know, the credit you, you know, by the ATM’s we supply the cash so on and so forth. So you have to have a good partnership to do that because usually, the banks will get those deals, but then they’ll come to a third-party company to do all the work. Right. Have us do all the work, and we’ll make some money, but you know, that’s how it rolls. So, you know, businesses, you know, you have to look at, at, you know, do you want to load the money or not? So we didn’t get to that part yet. So how did we, did we, skip over something now. Okay. So how do ATMs communicate? So 18 minutes and we first started doing ATM, you’ll laugh. We used to have to run a phone line to the ATM. Right. And we got ripped off. I don’t want to say by who the company with three initials and the one, the first letter is a, so we have put ATMs in three places and, you know, we contracted with 18 and whatever to put the phone line in.

So we found that after a couple of months of like a pan, these phone bills, but then I check the phone bill and there are no phone calls. Right? Cause you could see minutes used right at 0, 0, 0. So go out to the business. I opened the ATM, pulled off the phone line, and I’d take the phone. I would bring like a dial of one of those princess vines. I plug it in there. Right. And then I called my cell phone, and it rang, but I still saw it was the number of the business, not the number we ordered. So then I called the phone company. I’m like, no, I want all my money back, cancel all this boom done. It was a mess. What a big fight with them to get my money back because they charged me installation at each place. And it was a pain. Now it’s a breeze; either hard to wire it to the internet. So you just run it. I tell the businesses to run their router to the ATM don’t be doing stuff with some boxes up in the ceiling. Cause you know, something happens, you know, you’re never going to be able to find it. Right. So do a home run wire and then the other way, which is the best way we just, and we just switched. We used to do 3g boxes. Now they’re all 4g 5g. Right? So those boxes, we put it in the ATM, and it’s much easier.

Let’s say something’s going on at the ATM. We can reset da I can be sitting on my couch, login, go to the, what we call the RMS remote monitoring system, reboot the ATM, or you initialize the ATM, let’s say the cash loader forgot to enter the number of bills. We could change that remotely on the ATM. They want to message on the ATM. We can change that remotely. And yeah, we can do a lot of stuff on the ATM update, the software, and the ATM remotely. So you get a lot of good services by doing that. I mean, I recommend businesses. Don’t hardwire. You put in the wireless box, you know, you put in wireless boxes because, you know, you’re going to get better service on your ATMs. There’s a reg E slash that we call a chargeback. If you don’t have, if you’re hardwired right, you have to go to the ATM, pull the receipts, take pictures of them, and send them to us. If you’re on the RMS system, boom, our system automatically sees the Reggie, and the machine is on RMS pulls, what we call the journal, and processes it. So you don’t have to do anything. So that cuts down on a lot of work. And you know, especially, let’s say you have many locations or you have a new manager, they don’t need to learn anything.

We don’t need to call them on the phone or go to the ATM and do this and pull the receipts, or you call us and say, oh, can you drive over and pull the receipts? Right. We’ve got to charge you a service call to come to do that. So, you know, communicate like technology. We talk about the B2B vault, the payment technology podcasts. That’s a great technology that helped the ATM business. We’re one of the few companies with a Real quick system. I want everybody to head over to Spotify, subscribe to the channel, Apple Podcasts, YouTube. Please subscribe turn on notifications. So when we /upload the new podcast to the channel, you get notified so you can check it out. You can find us on Google Podcast, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, everyone. There’s not one channel or DSP that you can’t find @B2BVAULT. Check us out @ b2bvault.info. Then, you could listen to all the past episodes contact us through that form there. If you want to be a guest on a show, or if you have any questions or any hot topics that you’d like for us to discuss. Follow B2B vault on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter connect with Alan on LinkedIn. You can connect with me. On Twitter at B2B vault for all of the Facebooks and the other social media profiles and Crazy videos. Oh yeah. Tik Tok @B2BVAULT, Allen’s on TikTok, So we’ve been tik tocking. So check that out, and yeah, man, social media, here we come back to you, Allen. All right. Back to the ATM business.

Alright, what’s next up. So what do you need to operate your ATM? So this is important stuff. When I’m talking to a business owner, they call me on the phone. Hey Alan, I want to put an ATM in my store. I would say Justin calls me on the phone. Justin, you know, let me explain to you, you know, what’s required. So first off, you need an electrical outlet, you know, right by the ATM, you don’t want to be running an extension. Gord’s stuff. You want to make sure you have an electrical outlet, right? Where do you want to put it? You need to have an internet hardwire run over there or the wireless box. Now I recommend a wireless box. It was not that expensive. And you get a lot, you know, you w you call up customer support on the phone, and they need to help you with something boom. They can get in there, and they can, you know, fix any issues. You know, you need a software update. You want to add a service. You’re not going to pay for a service call. So the fee for the wireless box for the whole year is less than you would pay for one service, Right? So it’s great, and you get things taken care of quickly. Then the next thing we discussed is you need a separate bank account and source of funds. So what that means is your bank is not going to allow you. And I’ve had people tell me, well, I just want to take the money from the cash register and stick it in the ATM. I’m like, that’s fine and dandy, but your bank will probably catch you. And you know, they’re going to say, oh, you know, you’re violating AML, anti-money laundering laws by doing that.

And the bank’s not going to like that because basically what they’re doing is at the bank. They see they can tell when you’re getting a deposit from an ATM, and then they’ll check cash out. Do you come into the bank and get $20 bills for that ATM, and do those two amounts close together? But if you got ten grand in and didn’t go to the bank and get any twenties, there will be a big red flag. They’re going to send you an email. They’re going to call you on the phone, and then you’re not going to have. So I explained to people, listen, you need to have a separate bank account. You know, that’s your vault cash. We call it the vol. So that’s how you evolve. And basically, that cash is just, you know, rotating through the machine. And also, for accounting purposes, it’s much smarter to do that. Now. That was good. Your explanation makes it so much easier to manage in my brain. So I can imagine what it is trying to manage on paper. Well, yeah. Well, if you’re your accountant will go crazy. Cause they’re going to be like, well, you got it on all of these deposits. Oh, well, that’s not real money we made. It’s not real money. Oh, that’s the vol. Well, that’s why you want it in a separate account. So you don’t put that account like hooked up to your QuickBooks. QuickBooks will be going; oh yeah, Justin made $10,000 every week. Right? Cause you got ten grand rolling through your ATM. That’s not the truth. That’s the same $10,000. You’re just rotating. Right. And then you can either put your surcharge money, you know, cause you own the ATM.

So if you’re charging a dollar, whatever, I’ve seen 18 apps for a dollar 50, $2, $3, you know, and then on up, you know, so, you know, then you could have that money going into your account and a separate deposit, right. Your surcharge money. And then, you know, you add that up at the end of the month, and that’s your profit. Right. You know, that surcharge money is your profit. So, you know, then you have to buy the ATM. I always tell people how much is an ATM? So it all depends on what you need on the ATM, you know, do you need, you know, we always use electronic locks, it comes standard. Do you know? So then it comes down to like the cash capacity. So it’s 1000 notes, which is about 15, 16 grand, fully loaded a 2000 note drawer, which is about 30 to 30, $2,000. If it’s full, you can get one with two of those and then get another one, the biggest one with three drawers. So you could have ATM, if you got 30, 60, you could have 90 grand, or you could have one of them loaded with the fifties. I mean, we’ve done, we did one machine where there are tens, twenties and fifties in it. Yeah. That’s a lot. And then, you know, how are you going to, where will you place the ATM? You know I have somebody now they’re redesigning a nightclub. So I’m like, why don’t you guys be smart? So you don’t get drinks poured on top of your ATM, all the DOB. You know this is a plan to remodel and talk it into an alcove, you know, in the wall, do a cutout, you know, or build something and then put that. So the ATM can be surrounded, and you don’t have drinks poured on ATM.

If I told you how many times I’ve, I’ve tried to think and think up a way to invent something, you know, to put on top of the ATM. Right? So somebody doesn’t take a beer and port, but most of it, I think, is not some cause the tops are slanted. So if you put a beer on there, it will slide off. Right. I know that the people pouring beers on the ATM or drinks will get cash out. So they probably just dump their drink on it. I got a call the other day, right? This client calls me up, oh Alan, this guy went to the ATM, and he couldn’t get any money out and blah, blah, blah. So I was like, listen, calm down, and give me 10 minutes. I’ll call you back. So I log into the software. I go, look, I take a screenshot. Yeah. This guy went to the ATM-like 12 times; the first three times, it said incorrect pin, incorrect pen, and correct pen. Then the next time the guy took out 200, 200, 200, the guy got 600 out. Then the guy kept going, trying to get more money out. So it’s an incorrect pen. And then it said, you know, exceeded the limit, exceeded them. We don’t decide how much money you can get from the ATM. And it doesn’t matter like that. The guy was sending a screenshot, and he had eight grand in his bank account. That’s not how it works. The average person can only get three to $500 a day from a non-bank ATM. That guy got 600. So he has a good limit. But if you want your limit increased, you got to talk to your bank. Right. That’s like people go to Vegas, right? Oh, I need some money. So they take them, they get all they can from the ATM. So maybe somebody has a big bank account.

They call their bank. Maybe they can get a couple of grand out. Right. But if you want more money, you’re going to have to go to the tower at the casino, and you’d pull in a cash advance on your credit card, you know, where they’re doing like a point of sale transaction debit card, which you’re not supposed to do and giving you the cash. Right. So, but they could be doing, you know, you put in your PIN to pin debit transaction. That’s a point of sale transaction, not the same as an ATM transaction. So, just because there’s money in the bank account, your bank has limits. We don’t set those limits. You know, they have to do that. So, you know, that’s, you know, one of the things that go on in ATM, so that managed, how do the managed services work on the 18 apps? So these are for our higher volume locations like hotels, nightclubs, adult clubs, airport mall, busy, busy location, hotels, you know, very busy, very, very busy convenience store, maybe, you know, in an area. And the business does not want to deal with loading the ATM, maintaining the ATM, et cetera. So what we do is we put in the ATM. So we supply the ATM, spot supply, special lock, usually special locks. There’s a cop, and there’s one called cava lock. And there’s another one called the SEG. And those are the locks that the armored car guys can open up.

Def a little fog with them. And it’s like a one-time they get a code like sent to their cell phone. They punch the code in and have to hold the fob up. Then the ATM will open so nobody else can open the ATM. Wow. Locksmiths see those. They will not go near that ATM with those locks on them. So they’re not going to get in trouble. So they’re not going to do that now. And we set up wireless communication for the RMS. We’re supplying the ATM, money, wireless, customer service for the RMS, and any maintenance needed on the machine. So the machine breaks or something happens to the wifi out. No, we don’t; we don’t hook up to wifi. It’s easy three. It’s using 4g 5g. Oh, that’s right. Right, right. So it’s using the wireless, you know, the wireless cell towers, Verizon ATT sprint like that, you know, so which program will work for your business? You can set up a free consultation with us @ npsbank.com, or you can go directly to the ATM page, NPS atm.com, and schedule a free consultation, schedule a phone call. You can go over the needs of your business and determine which programs will work for you. That’s not a lot of businesses. I have a guy who does a convenience store. It’s hectic. He blows money in there every two or three days. And the guys doing over a thousand transactions a month.

So it’s very profitable, you know, for the business. So it’s profitable, you know, it’s a profitable endeavor to have. If you have enough foot traffic to have it in your business. And if you have access to capital now, many businesses don’t have access to capital. And like with managed ATM services, it’s safer. It’s safer for your business owner, safer for the business, safer for the employees, safer for the customers. You know, it’s an armored car coming in the load, the ATM. So it’s not like some guy just bringing in a bag of money, and it’s professional. Believe me, like sometimes they’ll say, I didn’t even see the guy. I’m like, dude, those guys are in, and they’re out there. That’s all they do all day. They pop the lock on the machine. Boom. They put the money in right there, and they’re out the door, you know, their program, the machine, they’re out the door. I mean, you know, I’ve done it many times. I can be in and out of their business in less than five minutes. So, you know, they don’t come in and announce, ” Hey, I’m here. You know, because I don’t want anybody to know, you know, and it’s never on the same schedule at the same time or any of that.

So check out the B2B Vault. We’re available on all the DSPs. Justin taught me that, and we’re on YouTube. If you like videos, follow us on social media. Watch for our fun videos on FacebookInstagramTwitter, Snapchat. No, not Snapchat. TikTok. We’re on the TikTok thing. What’s the username for TikTok B2B Vault? Everything’s @B2BVault. That’s where you want to find us. It’s B2B Vault everywhere. We’ll post some links down in the show notes this week of different ways to find us to show up the sponsors. Shout out to nationwide payments systems and NPS Bank. The payment advisory board NPS Printer provides. Great printing makes cool hats. Justin’s cool T-shirt, you’re going to come out with another t-shirt then after we think up a new design. So thank you for listening to B2B Vault today.

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