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B2B Vault Episode 50: Digital Commerce Payment Processing

Written by Allen Kopelman

February 4, 2022

Video Transcription

Hello everybody. Allen Kopelman here with the B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast, providing educational information for business owners and merchants. Today, we have an exciting topic, digital commerce payment processing. So let’s get right into it. So digital commerce payment processing, let’s talk about who are we working with? We’re launching a new website and get into that in this discussion about what we’re doing. We are working with this new product, digital commerce payment processing. We’re working with startups, early-stage companies, existing companies, crypto-related businesses, gaming companies, coin exchanges. These are all companies, and it’s a new, a new type of companies out there on the internet that are trying to do, you know, doing business. But right now, many of them are only accepting cryptocurrency. They might even be having issues in accepting cryptocurrency.

You know, the length of time that it takes to transfer cryptocurrency from the buyer over to the actual business might not be running so smooth. We have solutions for credit card processing, domestic merchant services, and international merchant services, which span many countries and various payment types. Because when you get into international credit card processing, it’s not the same as the United States, where it’s just all visa and MasterCard. Many countries have local payment methods on cards, but they’re not credit cards. It’s more like your debit card, so let’s get into it. So one of the things that we will be talking about is NFTs and FTS, probably the hottest thing going on the internet. How many searches did we see today, Justin? It was 950 million, 950 million searches about NFTs, non-fungible token. Well, not 150 A million search results when you Googled Oh, digital commerce. And then there was like millions for NFT was crazy. It’s like so many people are searching about NFTs. It’s like a hot subject. You know, what is an NFT? You know, non-physical token.

What is it, how do we, how do you buy one? It’s a complicated process. You have some cryptocurrency, and then you need to have a crypto wallet. And then you got to go set up a Metta mask. And then you’ve got to set up accounts on these different NFT marketplace websites and all of that. So what is NFT? So we broke the NFTs down into three categories. One is art and trading cards. So that would be, you know, artwork that somebody has or photography or an artist. And they turned that into either a static image a JPEG image. It could be a moving image. You know, things like that. You know trading cards are more like, maybe I’m a movie star or a baseball player, football player, whatever. We saw Rob Gronkowski, the Gronk we saw. He had an NFT on a lot of sports players. A lot of sports players had NFT’s.

MMA is making a big push in basketball. I saw a website that had just for cricket players. Yeah. So it’s crazy. What’s out there, you know, in the NFT world, you know, like, so sort of like trading cards and some of it could be static. And then we saw functional tokens, functional, you know, NFT with like music. We saw Snoop Dogg, and you can get an NFT with some artwork. It had music playing, or some of them had a music video playing and things like that. Do you know? So one of the things you have to watch when you’re buying these NFTs is, you know, how valuable are they? Is there only one, you know? And they minted one cause that’s what they have to do. That meant it. So there has to be. Is there just one NFT of that particular thing? Like what’s a one called the board a yacht club. Right. So some of them are just, there’s only one of them, so it’s worth more money. So if somebody makes like 500 of them, how much are they worth? Right. So I think it all goes up. Yeah. It all depends. Right. Right. It all depends on the collection.

Yeah. You got to make sure when you’re buying these NFTs; you’re buying them from a reliable source. You’re checking to make sure that they’re, that they’re real. Don’t buy them from just anybody. Make sure that it’s real. There’s a lot of them being bought and resold. Some of the functional tokens, you know, come into another category like, oh, if you have to, then the creator of the NFT might give you a free one after a certain amount of time. And then you get, they get, the person gets a free token, free NFT, and then they’re going to try to sell it. And then there are utility tokens, which is a new thing. That’s where there’s a benefit to owning the token. So maybe you buy this token from the special networking group that is selling a token, or there’s a special token so that you can get into this cool event.

And by owning that token, you know, you have access to events and people and things like that. And you have, you know, you get like a lot of you get some benefit out of owning the token, you know, in the future, maybe we’ll see like restaurants come up with an NFT token, Ida cool idea. Say, oh, you can make this NFTE token. And then somehow embed some kind of QR code in it. And then when you went to the business, they could scan it. And then they would know like, oh, that’s, Justin’s token, Allen’s token, it’s registered. I don’t know how you would accomplish that. I’m sure some smart person might be listening to the podcast and go, Ooh, it’s a great business idea. And then maybe you get discounts at that business because you own the token, or you have special access to early sales of NFTs you’re on these white-list, or you have access to buy tickets to a concert. Maybe you buy the NFT for the Eagles. I don’t know if they have one just making this up. You bought some band. Right. You buy their NFT, and then you get early access to buy tickets to their concert. Yeah. Yeah. There’s, there’s a lot of music artists that are releasing entities right now that come with like a site.

Cause they’re like, tears is what you’re doing. Right. So you can buy this one, like the gold, I don’t know, Neil diamond card. Right. And that one comes with an autograph poster and a limited edition remastered album, you know, stuff like that. And then on the second tier, maybe it just comes with just the album. Then on the third tier, it’ll just be the NFT. So there’s a lot of room for you to kind of make up your package Right now. Yeah. That’s what I’m saying. Like functional utility tokens where maybe down the line, businesses will create their token, maybe using their logo. And then there’ll be benefits to owning the token for republics. Maybe you go to Publix and get a discount because you own the token or an, or in a particular restaurant or a nightclub, you know, things like that. This is what the future is going to lie. I think they’re going to have to figure out how to offload those tokens so people can offload them onto their smartphones.

You know, or offload them onto their wallet so that they can be kind of view because there would have to be some way, you know, some code or a QR code embedded in it. Yeah. The way it’s set up now that, you know, you really can’t, there’s no peer-to-peer sharing in the sense of outside of one network to another, like, you know, you can’t use open C to send NFT to repairable or vice versa. So yeah. Well, there are so many sites. I think that you know, at some point, there’s gotta be right. You don’t like NFTs. Okay. Rocky, no, come on. Do you want to make the Rocky NFT? Maybe there’ll be a Rocky. See, who’s barking. That’s Rocky. He’s guarding the pod room here, making sure everything is cool. Everybody’s VA. So, you know, tokens are going to evolve. You know, and the NFT business will evolve into many, many, many things. And you know, I tell people, you know, we don’t give financial advice.

Still, it would help if you were careful whenever you’re purchasing cryptocurrency NFTs, you know, buying things in the metaverse and all that, because you know, we’re, we’re going to get into this probably once a week. We’re going to discuss what’s going on with this new digital commerce, you know, digital currency, virtual currency, virtual products, and we’re going to be talking about. There’s going to be a convergence of companies. We’re probably going to see a lot of companies that are going to sell a digital product and the real product. So you’re going to buy digital shoes, but also you’re going to get the real shoes, and you’re going to get shoes in the mail, but then you’re also going to own these shoes. And I guess they’re going to have to figure out a way how you can get those on your avatar because people make these avatars. Yeah. And then this is Adidas. Blood is about to launch a campaign using three characters of the NFTs that they bought. One I know for sure, as a board ape yacht club NFT character, the other two, I’m not sure, but it’s cool.

Like they’re having their own, they got a cartoon they’re working on, You know, like we saw a tare, The shoe thing will be crazy. Like, so you buy a pair from the store, and they’re probably are going to start coming with a digital download, right? Like download this pair of shoes. You can put it onto your avatar, right? Yeah. It’s going to be cool. I think we’re going to see a conversion with retail on the metaverse, you know, and I heard about a company that was selling land, and they were going to actually sell like real land and then have that same land in the metaverse. So now we’re going to own actual physical property and then buy this and part of their metaverse land, the property, and the metaverse. I mean, it’s incredible. So with digital commerce payment processing, you know, we’re going to be processing payments, you know, domestically and internationally. So if you’re selling NFTs, you could sell NFTs on your website. You could be selling NFTs and a marketplace so that you can be doing, you know, there’s also going to be games. So what kind of games have we seen so far? We saw a game where you can play a game. There was a game where you buy an NFT, and then you’re playing a game.

There was a game where you can act out like The Sims and stuff like that sandbox, where we saw the sandbox game. And we saw, you know, now I saw some NFT e-sports games where people are going to have NFT and ease, and somehow it’s going to converge with e-sports and e-sports is blowing up, you know? And we’ve been in that gaming with games and gaming for credit card processing for over a decade. So we have quite a few clients in the gaming industry and e-sports. You know, so we’re very familiar with games, and that’s why digital commerce is very attractive to us, and that is why we’re getting involved in this digital comp commerce space web three today, we saw an art to that. I saw an article from Google, and they were talking about web three and what they were going to do about web three. They don’t know what they’re going to do with it. What are they going to do with web three? I mean, there are already companies out there selling saw two or three different companies. I don’t understand this, but you can buy some domain names and attach them to your wallet.

I’m not sure exactly as safe that is to put like your own name on your wallet, you know, your digital wallet. I have to see more. Yeah. It was a little, yeah, it’s a little it’s it’s way out there, you know, but there are companies like selling domain names for like web three. I just don’t know how that’s going to work. I called GoDaddy up. I go, oh, if I go by this name, you know, dot Bitcoin or dot coin or whatever, can we host that on here on, on GoDaddy? They were like, no, we heard of that. We don’t know anything about it. So, you know, that’s something that I think everybody needs to watch, you know, like I saw some, I saw Google extensions. There’s a web three extension, a meta mask extension. There were some others.Please don’t download that stuff if it’s, if it’s not from meta mask, like, especially with extensions for your browser, because exactly a lot of times you’re if you’re not very technical. You don’t understand what you’re downloading. You could be setting yourself up for. I don’t know if you’re getting some malware or something like that. You need to check like the Google store because it fits in the Google extension store. Then you know that it was checked out and it’s not with a, you’re not down, you’re not sticking some virus on your computer. So you must watch out for that. It’s like I saw like, there’s a lot of fake QR codes out there now, you know, people getting text messages or emails, scan this QR code With the whole NFT thing.

I just want it to be clear. We’re not giving you advice or anything, but what we want you to do is be extremely cautious. Do your research before purchasing, before selling, before gifting, before connecting a wallet, make sure that you’re doing your due diligence. You know about the platform you’re using and what you want to do. Researching like, oh, we wanted to buy some NFTs and maybe give them away. So we’re doing research, and we find out, like, oh, if you bought it on this platform, you can’t gift it to anybody. If you bought it on this platform, then there would be a whole huge procedure to like, you got to move it, you know, then it would stay on that platform. So we’re not sure if we’re going to, you know, how we’re going to do that, but we’re going to figure out some way how we could like, get a couple of NFTs and then do some giveaways with A better way.

I’ve given it away. Then they’re doing it now there’s got to write better. It must be a better way. I think these NFT companies also need to figure out how the person can, like, besides just having the image on their phone, have some original image that they would ha be able to have on their smartphone so that they have. So, you know, some kind of original image, you know, that that they could have on their phone, you know? So besides just a JPEG, cause otherwise you can just go on to open seas and put the copy and paste the board a yacht club and put it on your phone, go. Yeah, here’s my board. Eight God, no one knows whether you own it or not. Do you know? So otherwise, you know, like on open seas, people buy these NFTs, and then they make their page. And then that’s their gallery of NFTs that they own. Yeah. So, you know, different stuff like that going on, you know, I think it’s going to be, you know, going to evolve, you know, and who knows, you know, like what social media is going to do, like a Twitter. You can take the NFT on Twitter and attach it to your account. And then I guess somehow Twitter, by knowing that NFT you bought, right. You connect your wallet to your Twitter, and then they know, oh, you own that. Yeah. They can verify the NFT, and then you put it on your profile.

I don’t think that’s cool. I think it’s kind of cool, but you know, then you don’t have your picture there. Like they should make it where it switches back and forth. Like you see the picture, and then you see the NFD, and it’s like a carousel, like, you know, cause people to want to know who they turned it into, like a hexagon that turns into a hexagon. So it’s quite cool, but oh, this person has an NFT, but now you don’t see who the person is, you know? So you want to see who the person is. I always like to see, like, oh, the person has a picture of them, who are they? You know, not just like a nickname. There’s a lot of that’s another thing going on on Twitter. Now with these NFTs, these people have these like there’s a lot of anonymous profiles. They follow you. You don’t know who you’re following. So that’s going to, creating a little problem with this whole crypto world, you know, that, you know, so we three, that’s something we’re watching, you know, I would keep an eye out and see, you know, what are the bigger hosting companies going to do? Like HostGator, Baloo, host what’s a WordPress hosting. What’s that one called w yeah. WP management GoDaddy to BP engine, WP engine. Yeah. GoDaddy and some of the other web hosts, you know, when are they going to jump into the game and go down? We’re going to host these web3 websites. I don’t know what that is. You know, nobody knows what that’s going to be, but it’s going to be something that at some point, Don, you know DeFi, decentralized finance, you know, this is something that everybody’s talking about, you know?

There are a lot of internet banks out there, or is there going to be. Somebody who’s going to the bank of America or chase or somebody, or maybe there’s going to be one of the newer type banks, is going to come and say, oh, well, we’re going to let your bank of crypto at our bank. So maybe they’re going to come out with some six-year wallet or something, and you’re going to be able to have your crypto and a bank account. Do you know? What was I reading about the other day staking? I was like, and I didn’t even know what that was. Yeah. So staking that’s also, it’s cool and dangerous. So you don’t know what you’re doing yet. Right? So, you know, I always tell people they ask me how much crypto I should buy? Whatever you can, if I said to you, oh, put 50 bucks on a Bitcoin and you and Bitcoin went to zero was wiped off of the map, right? Or 50 on whatever coins. So long that any of these coins, right? Whatever coin there is to be the ABC coin, the Rocky coin, and going, you know, and you put it on there. Then suddenly they went to nothing, and you lost the 50 bucks. If that’s going to break you, that’s too much. Don’t put in more money than you can lose. Yeah.

There’s a huge upside, right. A huge upside. But you know, don’t spend more than, you know, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. You don’t want to lose money that you can’t afford to lose. You can’t afford to lose a thousand bucks, and it’s not going to kill you. You might be upset. It might be suck. I lost a thousand bucks. Okay. Put a thousand bucks in there, but don’t invest wisely. Someone started; I always tell them 25 bucks. Yeah. Start with 25. Then, you know, buy a coin, see what it does, learn a little bit, find a different coin, and then maybe sell that coin so that you don’t even have to add more money. Right. You could sell that coin, and yeah. Yeah. Or you could trade, you could take a little piece of it and buy something. You know, I tell people you want to learn about crypto.

One of the easiest ways. I don’t want to endorse, you know, any companies, but like Coinbase has a lot of educational material. Like Yeah. I agree. Coinbase is probably one of the more user-friendly I guess that is like, they want to educate the end-users. I see other ones like a new one FTX. Yeah. Something like that. Tom Brady has commercials. He needs to pay the bills. Now he’s not going to pay for playing football. So he’s like, are you in, are you in. I saw a lot of educational material. Coinbase actually will give coins. If you watch the educational material and answer questions about what you watched. When I go on there all the time, they have a new little educational thing. You could get free Bitcoin. You could say, you could ask your friends, like, Hey, do you have a Coinbase code? And you get $10 of free Bitcoin if you use your friend’s code. So it’s a good, a great way. Like if you haven’t done it Coinbase, I think they’re going to start selling NFTs soon, you know, but I would make sure what you’re buying, you know, how you’re buying it. I mean, there’s a, I found today on Facebook, like 30, 40 NFT pages, I would say maybe five or 10 of them at thousands and thousands of people.

I wanted like a couple of hundred-thousand people on it. They were from all over the world. I mean, you have to be; you need to be careful about what you’re buying. I mean, yeah, if you’re going to buy NFT for 20 bucks, you might get a 20 NFT for 20 bucks. But the problem is you bought a JPEG. So that’s why you got to quickly research. I mean our P and G for $3,000. No, I heard; I know some guy was on clubhouse the other day. I go on clubhouse sometimes and listen, and some guy said he thought he was buying a board, a yacht club. And he transferred like 20 grand of a theory of does somebody boom, meet and get diddly squat after he fat, after he transferred the money, found out like that thing was owned by somebody else and disaster. Yeah, that was the end of that.

So crypto exchanges, this is something that’s popping up. There are more and more crypto exchanges that are popping up everywhere. Some companies are putting up a, what is it? A crypto exchange. So the crypto exchange is similar to Coinbase, where you could buy a coin. Many are starting to come on board because people with many cryptos can open a crypto exchange. So you go to a company that has a white label and program, and you can get, you take your crypto and put it on there, and then you can let people buy and sell crypto because you have to have a pile of crypto to do that. Yeah. So that’s kind of a new business, and I’ve seen some white labeling.

I’ve been doing a lot of Googling, like a white-label crypto exchange. It’s a dub just saying it’s a business, you know, not for, so there’s business out there, crypto to Fiat acceptance or crypto to crypto acceptance. I had a guy call me yesterday, and we talked about it. He says, oh, I have this website, and I’m selling stuff. And then I’m trying to take crypto from people. People want to pay me with many coins, Solana, this coin, that going Bitcoin. But he’s like, oh, it’s taking a long time to get them, for me to get the coins. Right. I said you got to use the service. Okay. So we have a service where you could use a shopping cart or an invoice, and you set, you can send the invoice to a person.

They can pay you with crypto, and you can get the crypto, or they could pay you as crypto. And then you can get them, we say, Fiat, we’re talking about US dollars, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, and Euros. Then that gets deposited into your bank account. So that’s a service; it’s a worldwide service. So we’ve had people using it in jewelry stores. We have a car dealership using it with a yachting business. When somebody closed on a house, somebody saw my podcast, they called me up and said, Hey, how can we do this? We got a guy once a gift, a 300 grand down payment using Bitcoin. No problem. We set up the title company for the realtor got us in touch with the title company. We set them up, and they could take a $300,000 down payment from somebody paying with crypto or read a story.

And online from the real deal, which is this Miami real estate company, they were describing. Some guy bought real estate with a cryptocurrency that was $2.5 million, but they did it in such a complicated way. They transferred the Bitcoin onto a stable coin. And then they had to transfer the money from the stable, going into a bank account. And it took weeks to get that deal done. It took weeks because you can’t move a lot when transferring a large amount. When you’re transferring crypto from one coin to another. You’re selling your Bitcoin and buying another coin. You can’t just go on there and go, oh, I’m selling a 7 million or $20 million where the Bitcoin. I had a couple of Bitcoins. Right. And, and when big and I bought them like around two, three grand. And then when it shot up to like 28 grand, I say, oh, I’m going to take some, take some of this money off the day, you know, make some money off the table. So I figured I’d sell one Bitcoin. So Bitcoin, 1.0, sell my computer was doing this spinning around. I was like, man, what the hell is going on? I called one of my friends up. No, no, you can’t do that. You got to sell it like 0.1 0.2 0.3. You can always sell Bitcoin when somebody’s buying. That’s when you can sell. So that deal took the deal. I guarantee it took weeks to get that Bitcoin converted from Bitcoin to a stable coin. Then you got to get the stable coin because maybe you need the cash to pay off the mortgage.

You got to pay the bank. Right? Okay. Read on these cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase. They only transfer $25,000 a day. Well, that’s going to take a long time for you to get your money. So they probably have to call up Coinbase and go, yeah, you got $7 million. I need my $7 million and make arrangements to, you know, to make that, to make that happen. But you know, we, the way we do it, it’s done in real-time. So someone’s paying with crypto. And if you want to get the crypto, you’re getting it in real-time. So you’re going to see a boom, the transaction went through, whether you got it hooked up on your website, or you’re doing it through an invoice, it’s a real-time transaction, and boom, you have it in your crypto wallet or 48 hours, you’re going to have the cash in your bank account. And we don’t have a limit. You know, our limit is about a million dollars. We could go higher than, but that wouldn’t be bad. If someone did a $7 million transaction, they could do seven invoices. They probably don’t have all the crypto in one wallet anyway.

Right. They probably have multiple wallets. So when you’re dealing with somebody, let’s say they want to do, we had one jewelry store, they sold something for 143 grand, and the guy needed to do three transactions. So you to send three invoices because the guy had three different wallets, and he used a Bitcoin on one Bitcoin cash on the other. And he paid the third one with the theory. So, you have to, that’s how it works a little more complicated, but you know, listen, this is the world we’re in. We’re in this world of, you know, you have basically like three things going on. You’ve got people paying cash, people using credit and debit. And now you’ve got people using virtual or cryptocurrency, you know? So you got three forms of commerce going on, going on where before we’re in a cash and credit world, you know? Now there are millions of people in the world who have cryptocurrency. So it’s a huge, huge market. You know, the next thing that is going on is metaverse. So we’ll talk about the metaverse a little bit. The metaverse is building towns, games, buildings, and shopping malls. They built, we saw one where it was like a whole map. It looked like a city, you know, you can buy a little piece of land, the water. It was like a dot. I was like, what are you kidding me? It was like, what? 20 grand?

Yeah. Then I saw a big one, you know, it’s all these little dots, you know, maybe the size of the back of the pan, you know, small. And then we saw a big, a big one, like this big, around like a tare that must’ve cost like a million dollars or something crazy. And it’s this stuff and, and it’s for sale. And then there are floors, you know, people are on floors is you click on it. Oh, there’s a building. And there’s, you’re buying an apartment, you know? And eventually, you know, you’re going to have virtual reality in there. So you’re going to talk about buying this thing in the metaverse. I’m not going to put on your Oculus; what are those VR goggles? A friend of mine, his building, he built like a, a club. Right. And so he DJs inside of the club. Right. It’s a room where all people come into, and they have their VR goggles on and all that other stuff. So they communicate with each other and dance, I don’t know, but it’s nuts. And that is not going anywhere.

You’re going to the event. People will be sitting around in their house like, oh, I’m not going to work today. I’m just going to put on the VR VR goggles. And that’s how you’re going to do work. And people are going to see your avatar. I don’t know; personally, it’s bizarre, but you know, who knows? What’s going to be around 20, 30 years from now. It might look like that. Movie sleeper, you know, with Woody Allen or something, you know, Jetsons the Jetsons. I don’t know. It’s like, you know, virtual reality could be, you know, people could be doing all this stuff at the virtual reality. You’re going to go into the bed of ours. Also, real quick, don’t get caught in virtual reality. Go outside. Don’t forget to go outside. Exactly. The metaverse is a metaverse. There is something that’s called the universe. We live in it, go outside, you breathe air, you need it. Or like Spiderman had the multi-verse. But you know, now you got to know that you just got, you know, that’s why that’s like gaming is so big. Like all these games that teenagers play, young people play all these video games, PlayStation, and all that. And all that is, you know, a lot of that’s just virtual reality.

You know, there’s a lot of virtual reality games, but you know, these businesses will need to incorporate credit cards into their payment scheme. You’re not going to have, and there are not enough consumers. You have 300 million crypto users worldwide, North America, 28 million, 28 million. That’s a drop in the bucket. Out of those 28 million, probably half of them don’t have much crypto at all. I’d say less than half. Okay. So Like order, I would say a quarter of the population has crypto right now. What do you think The quarter of the 28 million? What has a large amount of crypto? Just some, some, yeah. There’s probably like maybe a couple of hundred-thousand people who have millions. Yeah. Well, you got the Vinco boss, Winkle, Voss, whatever those guys that were like the face from the Facebook movie, they were the first Bitcoin billionaires. I mean, I’m not saying, yeah, the crypto has made tons of people, Right? Like right now, all these NFTs that people are buying for two, three, $400,000. You know, this is the rich, the rich people’s club. You know, soon you’re going to have the 1995 and Ft and the 9 95 NFT and the dollar store and FD eventually, you know, it’s got to reach down, but probably out of the 28 million, you probably have maybe a billion people that have 50 grand and up, you know? Yeah. Out of 28 million. So that’s a small number of people you’re talking about. The people who can spend 50 grand on crypto pride on a 50 grand in their bank account. Most of them probably don’t have 50 grand on credit cards either, or a credit card that they could run a $50,000 transaction.

But the NFT world, if they want to grow and converge, like one guy was telling me they were selling this land in a mall, and this and the mall was like, one floor of the mall was 250 grand. Right. So they were trying to sell it to Macy’s right. Or one of these companies, I don’t know if it was Macy’s they were trying to sell it to like, you know, a major retailer. Right. So the major retailers like, well, we don’t have any crypto. So they wanted to send them like a wire for the money. People were like, what a wire, like, you’re going to need, like, you want to get into this world. I told a guy the other day, and you guys have a LinkedIn than I have a LinkedIn profile. You guys need a LinkedIn page for your business, LinkedIn profiles for all the founders, you know, get all your worker bees up on LinkedIn. You know, when you are ready to do business with a bank. You want to start receiving money, that’s one of the things we’re working on that we’re talking to, we have a couple of banks that we’re talking to that, you know, so businesses in this business can also get bank accounts. We’re going to be bringing banking into the fold. Besides credit card acceptance, you know, you got 22 billion credit cards worldwide versus 300 million crypto users. And out of those 300 million crypto users, probably only a million of them, right.

The rest of everybody, it’s little bits and pieces. My son bought a hundred dollars of $Dogecoin, so he’s a crypto holder. But what’s he going to do with a hundred dollars, a $Dogecoin? Nothing. I think he lost a little money on it, but it’ll go up. All this crypto is up, down, up, down, up-down. So what we’re bringing is worldwide. We have our company nationwide payment systems and PS bank we’ve been around for 20 years. We started doing credit card processing in 2001. Okay. We’re launching our product Worldwide Digital Payments. So worldwide digital You can read some of the blogs on there. We will be doing a weekly podcast on worldwide digital payment products and talking about NFTs. Maybe we’ll get somebody in the future that owns the NFT marketplace or somebody involved in that business to come on the show. If you’re listening, contact us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. You can go to the B2B vault and the worldwide digital payments websites.

You can find me, Allen Kopelman, on LinkedIn. You know, you can listen to the podcast. We’re on all the popular podcast networks, Spotify, Apple, Google, Stitcher, iHeart, Amazon music. You can follow us on all the social media channels @B2BVault. Catch more podcasts at You can catch the podcast and video format on YouTube. Even though today, we probably messed the video up a little bit. You know this isn’t an edited show. We get on here. I start talking, and Justin talks cause we’re both interested in this space, cryptocurrency and NFT. It’s an interesting space. The other day I was invited to speak at a show that’s coming up. We’ll talk more about that later because we’re going to be talking to the people doing the show and trying to get them onto the podcast and talk more about NFTs. Still, we’re going to see a big convergence of new things with NFTs. New types of NFTs and cryptocurrency can take credit card processing and set up your business. So not only can you process credit cards in the US, but process credit cards all over the world and have a worldwide audience for your business. So this is Alan Kopelman signing off from the B2B Vault. I hope everybody enjoys this podcast about digital payments and Worldwide Digital Payments.

Carpe Diem, have a great day.

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