B2B Vault Episode 25: The Crypto Biz Series Part 3 – Charities & Non-Profits

Written by Allen Kopelman

November 23, 2021

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Video Transcription

Hello, Allen Kopelman here today. B2B Vault the crypto series. This is part three. We’re going to be talking about charities and nonprofits, the B2B Vault educational information for business owners and merchants, the payment technology podcast. So today let’s talk about charities and nonprofits. How do they get paid? People write checks, people pay with a credit card. People go online. You know what? There’s a new thing that you can do with your charity. Take cryptocurrency. There are tons of people out there with crypto and guess what they want to get. They want to do something with it. Why not take donations for your, for your nonprofit? We can get it, we can show you how to put this up on your website. People can go to your website and enter in a payment amount, how much they want to pay. They can click a button for checkout. Then they select which kind of coin they want to play with. So they can select from Bitcoin Bitcoin cash, light coin, or Ethereum. These are the foremost popular cryptocurrencies. Then they put in the amount, the dollar amount. So that says, they want to donate a hundred, 200, 5,000, 10,000. Whatever the number is, they select the amount. They hit check out the software, then calculate how many coins they’re going to need to equal that amount of cash. And they then on the screen, a QR code or a little string of numbers and letters pops up and they’re going to take either their phone out and scan a QR code, or they’re going to take and copy and paste the wallet code into the crypto wallet that they use.

We can work with any crypto wallet, whether they’re using Coinbase or bit tans or any other crypto wallet, there are hundreds of them. So we don’t care what crypto wallet they use. We work with all the wallets they’re going to do that. They’re going to put it into their wallet, boot. They’re going to send it. And then you’re going to get cash. And you’re going to see cash and your dashboard. You’re going to see the person, whoever they were donor, a donated $5,000 and you have $5,000 and we charge 1.9, 9%, and 5 cents. And you got, you can also build that in so that they can also pay that fee or you can absorb the thing. You know, you’re able to offer cryptocurrency alongside taking checks, taking cash from people, and taking credit cards. So you have another way to collect money from people. It’s easy to work with. You can log into a dashboard and send that an invoice to a large donor that wants to pay with crypto. You can put it on your website so you can accept crypto from anybody and you can, they can pay. We pay it to you through any wallet. This is an untapped source of money that non-profits need to look at. Whether you’re a synagogue, a church, a school, any kind of nonprofit, any kind of charity. This is untapped. This is an untapped market. There are no monthly fees. There’s no signup fee. There’s none. It’s very limited. We sign you up. And also let’s say you have donors and they’re from they’re international and they want to process. They want to send you a donation. So it’s kind of hard to get a donation. Maybe from somebody, uh, have, uh, they don’t have a credit card or what are you going to do? Get them to do a wire transfer. They are a lot of people for international transactions. They use, um, cryptocurrency. So we eliminate the volatility of the market by transitioning the crypto and dollars. So the crypto is immediately settled into dollars and dollars are deposited into your bank account. So you’re never, you don’t have to deal with the crypto. You don’t need to know anything about crypto. You don’t need to know how to buy crypto, sell crypto trade crypto because when you’re buying and selling and trading crypto there are fees involved with that, with our service, you’re not dealing with any of those fees. That’s all eliminated. This is a, we’re doing it all for you. Someone wants to give you crypto. You’re getting fees that us dollars deposited into your bank account.

So we can deposit. We can do this everywhere. So we give a deposit in Canadian dollars, we can deposit in euros, whatever you need to do. So if you’re a charity and you’re watching this and you’re in Switzerland, you could take Bitcoin in Switzerland. If you’re in Canada, you can do it in Canada. You’re in the United States. We’re ready, to take care of you and you get in there. And the donors are looking there. There are donors out there. There are crypto billionaires. There are crypto millionaires. There are people with lots of cryptocurrencies. You need to accept crypto at your nonprofit or charity so that you can get part of that pot of money. That’s out there from those donors who want to donate to you using crypto. It’s easy to sign up. You can go to our website and apply now, or you can book an appointment. We can show you a demo, give you a more in-depth explanation, do a presentation for your board, but it’s, there are no chargebacks. People can’t charge it back. And we work. So it’s a great product. This is a great untapped market for nonprofits and charities. It’s untapped to be the first charity in your area to take crypto to advertise. You take crypto, and you might be shocked that people will start donating to you using cryptocurrency. So Alan Kopelman, B2B vault. This is the crypto series. Watch the podcast on YouTube, or you can catch us on your favorite podcast network and sign out for today. Allen Kopelman from B2B vault, Carpe diem, and get some donations in crypto.

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