B2B Vault Episode 21: Merchant Services For Developers

Written by Allen Kopelman

November 17, 2021

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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Allen Kopelman with another episode of B2B Vault today, we’re going to talk about how does Nationwide Payment Systems and the payment advisory board. How do we work with merchants who are developers, developing software, developing websites, ISV, independent software vendors, SAS companies, software as a service? You know, we’ve been working with banks in this area, work with people who want to become a pay FAC, but today we’re gonna dive into mostly like developers. So if you’re a software developer and you’re developing software for your business and you want to integrate payments and to that software, there are many directions you can go into.

So we work with developers and we have open API. We have a restful API, and we have also had an API that integrates into apps. And that’s a huge thing now because apple and Google kind of loosened up the reigns. Why give them 30% of the money that you’re making from your app? When you could drop in a program. Now that’s compatible with apps to accept payments without paying the social media people, uh, 30% of the money. So what we also try to do is show you how you can also take your software company. And let’s say you have software, and then you’re going to sell that software to businesses. And then those businesses are going to need to accept credit cards. So we show you how you can take your software company and turn it into a cool FinTech company and use what we call, pay FAC in a box. You can go from zero to a hundred and about less than 30 days, and we can show you how that’s done. And it’s, I wouldn’t say easy, but, you know, a lot of companies are trying to integrate payments into their products and they don’t do the homework that they need to do and find out what is the lowest-cost way, how to do it the quickest way, how to do it and how to make a revenue from that. Because it’s very important. You want, you’re developing this software. You want to control it from end to end. You want to control the software. Customers are Cyrus, and now the payments. So we work with you and we get you hooked up with our development team, with development teams that are working with different companies. So we work with several different companies. So we’re basically like your payments consultant. Okay? And so we consult with you, we find out what are your needs? Are you going to need an EMV device? Is this all going to be on the internet? You know, what type of businesses are you going to be targeting with your software? Is this just for you and your software and what are your needs going to be? So, you know, are you going to be operating in a style of a marketplace, you know, and all these different things. So we work with you to figure out, you know, what direction you need to go, go into, you know, is there going to be card-present and non card present transactions and e-commerce transactions like, how’s that all going to go?

So this is popular with SAS software, as a service, many people have software as a service company, and then they resell that to other businesses. And then those businesses need to accept credit cards within that software. And you can do the same thing that we’re talking about, you know, and it’s all a matter of how do you want to integrate? Not every company has the same type of integrations do they have, you know, do you need to do just e-commerce do you need to do noncard present? Do you want to be able to use text payments? Do you want to have an EMV device? So when you’re though they’re using the SAS software, someone can use an EMV device. So we work with you and we do all of that, uh, VARs value-added resellers. We also work with value-added resellers who have products that they integrated into the software, and then they need to make sure that that, that value added product is available to accept payments. And then lastly, pay FAC. I think this is going to be one of the biggest growing, um, things in the payment industry, probably in the next five years. And, you know, I think, you know, pay facts. There’s a lot of pay facts out there, square Stripe, uh, Shopify, all these companies pay pal their pay facts. Okay. And anybody who has software and wants to control all the aspects of the software, including the payments, and can also get revenue from that is going to become a pay FAC. And I think that we’re going to see the advent of more companies becoming pay facts than ever before and the next five years. And we can help you get there. We work with several different companies that have the software that you need to create your company from a software company and to a cool FinTech company. So, you know, with all of that, you know, tons and tons of features are offered within that realm, you know, and also being able to do, you know, take Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay EMV, NFC, you know, all the different plugins that you’re going to need to, to, to work, to make the software work so that you can make your software work. So we sit down with you, we determine what needs you have, and then we get you with the right developer. So you can, uh, develop your software, get payments, put in there, or become a pay payback. So if you want to find more about how we work with developers, you can register as a developer, we’ll set up a phone call that will get you set up with a sandbox, and then you’re ready to start working. And then we work with you through your project, and we make sure that you are working with one of the project managers and getting you set up so you can get coded and get ready and go to go to market with your software or your pay FAC. So thank you for listening to another episode of B2B vault. Follow us on social media. Follow us on your favorite podcasting networks. We’re on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Sound Cloud, catch the videos on YouTube. And also you can get more information on the website, NPS bank.com, or visit the paymentadvisoryboard.com to Find out more about the consulting services that we offer. Thank you very much for listening. Allen Kopelman signing out B2B Vault, Carpe diem, seize the day.

merchant statement analysis
Merchant Statement Analysis | Merchant Services Statement Analysis
Merchant Statement Analysis | Merchant Services Statement Analysis
Merchant Statement Analysis | Merchant Services Statement Analysis


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