B2B Vault Episode 20: Card Not Present Transactions

Written by Allen Kopelman

November 16, 2021

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Video Transcription

Hello, welcome to a new episode of B2B Vault. So today we’re going to talk about the noncard present and what is a payment gateway? So payment gateways are a big part of a noncard present. So if you’re a noncard present business where your key entering transactions, Moto mail order, telephone order, or internet merchant. So all of that comes under non card-present and, you know, non card-present transactions when the card is not physically present. And, you know, either you’re entering it into a virtual terminal, which is online, or you’re taking the order over the phone and entering it into the virtual terminal, or someone’s going through your website and they’re using the e-commerce, which is connected to the gateway. So what is a payment gateway and what are all the features that come inside of a payment gateway? So payment gateways, you can have a virtual terminal, you can use a Jew, you can use the gateway to do all kinds of stuff. And we’re going to go over all the features that you’re going to find inside payment gateways. E-commerce. So if you’re doing e-commerce, you need to have a payment gateway linking that links your website. And that’s what facilitates payments payment gateway is.

Also can facilitate payment, portals or otherwise known as a hosted payment page where somebody can go to a link on your website and then they can pay their invoice by credit card or by ACH or refer to you sometimes as each check. And you can facilitate that a lot of businesses that do invoicing facilitate that, um, invoicing. You can also use the payment gateway to send out invoices that contain a link. And then inside the link, the person can click it and then opens up a hosted payment page and they can make a payment, or it can open up some, another type of widget which pops open on their screen. They can enter in their credit card or their check information, and you can take payments that way. Uh, QuickBooks is another popular thing that people use and, you know, not just QuickBooks, there’s other accounting software, zero X, Z, R O, and others. And we can integrate payments into those, um, accounting software. And it makes sense if your business if you’re using accounting software and they already have integrated payments, you know, that’s, that’s all fine and dandy, but once you’re doing about 10, 15, 20 grand a month, that’s where we come in and we can give you a plugin that works within your accounting software. And then you can save a ton of money on credit card processing, because when you’re on interchange, pastor rates, it’s a big, big, big difference and, and processing fees that you’re going to pay. So what can you do with a payment gateway? You can do credit card processing, ACH, and iCheck. You can email and texts requests to your customers, where they get an email with a link in it or a text message with a link, and then they can pay their bill. You can have mobile payments in there. You can have EMV devices that are hooked up to your computer, and you can open up a hosted payment page on your computer. Or you could open up a widget that opens up a desktop app, and then you can run credit cards, face to face, print it from your regular office computer. And you can do with that level two level three, which can be saved a lot of money. And the B2B businesses that are doing B2B transactions integrations, you need a payment gateway to do integrations. That’s why we work with, you know, 10 or 15 different payment gateway. So we have access to over 500 integrations.

So if you have some software that you need to integrate payments into, we can work with you and make that happen. So it’s all in one platform. So we run fraud protection in there, 3d secure in there. Um, you can have a customer database in there, recurring payments, subscription payments, a hosted payment page. You can have you, your payments are hosted so that you don’t, you don’t have a server in your office. That’s containing any customer data whatsoever. Same thing on your website. You can use the API method or hosted method for checkout on your website and that lowers the security concerns that you would have on your website tokenization. So once credit cards are entered, you only see a bunch of axes on the last four digits of person-to-person payments. So you can make payments, you know, peer-to-peer payments to, to, with your customers. So everything, you know, B2B payments level two level three, all of this can be incorporated into the gateways and level two and level three. This is when you’re taking business cards, corporate cards, government cards, and, and all that, and your business. So you can visit the website, NPS bank.com. If you scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see the card not present. And that’s where you can find information about all the features that come with a virtual terminal. You can find all the different features on the website. You can see all the different things we do for developers. You can see the different industry solutions that we offer and check them out. So the card is not present. What is, you know, that’s what we’re talking about today and what is a payment gateway. And like I said, we offer many flexible options with payment gateways that can help your business no matter what. And you can take everything you do in your business now and run it through one payment gateway and have all the different types of transactions that you have. We call it omnichannel so you can have your card, present transactions, non card, present transactions, invoicing, transaction, hosted payment page. E-commerce all runs together on one platform. You don’t have to have separate accounts that do all of that anymore. You can just have it all together and we can show you how to do that. You can book an appointment at the top of our website and learn more about how payment gateways can help your business run better, smoother, and more organized. Thank you for listening to B2B vault and following us on social media and following up the podcast. Click follow. Really appreciate that and have a great day. And one of my great sayings that I like is Carpe diem, seize the day.

merchant statement analysis
Merchant Statement Analysis | Merchant Services Statement Analysis
Merchant Statement Analysis | Merchant Services Statement Analysis
Merchant Statement Analysis | Merchant Services Statement Analysis


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