B2B Vault Episode 2: High Risk Business Merchant Accounts

Written by Allen Kopelman

October 6, 2021

Hey, Allen Kopelman here in another episode of The B2B Vault, where we bring you educational information for business owners today, I want to talk to you about high risk. High-risk business is very confusing to some people, some businesses are high risk and they don’t realize it. And other businesses get told they’re high risk from their credit card processor, but they’re really, you know, more like a medium risk or they’re a low-risk business, but getting a merchant account for card not present e-commerce business can sometimes be difficult. It’s like getting a mortgage. So you have to find the right bank, the right processor. And that’s what we Excel in.

We find you the right bank, the right processor to work with. So we find, you know, banks that want to work with, you know, your business type, which is very important that they know your business type. We work with retail clients, e-commerce virtual terminal call centers. We work with all sorts of businesses that are out there. I mean, the list is literally, you know, it’s endless and a lot of times you don’t have to pay sky-high rates. And we also work with you from the beginning to the beginning before, you know, to the end. So we help you re-review your paperwork.

We review your website, we make sure your website is compliant with what the processor is going to want. We’ll make sure that you understand all of that compliance. We look at your checkout page, return policies, everything that has to do with your website. We talked to you about fraud controls and what to do with fraud controls. We explain how the fraud controls work and what type of fraud controls you need to set up on your website based on what you’re doing, whether it’s a product, a service, a subscription, you know, recurring billing, all different types of things, but based on ticket size, whether it’s a product or a service is very important.

You know, we are your consultants here, nationwide payment systems. So we do, can we consult with you? We work for you. We also help you with chargebacks. So we have programs where we teach you about chargebacks. We work with you on chargebacks, and we also show you, if you’re doing e-commerce you work with different companies that work with e-commerce companies to help fight chargebacks and reduce fraud.

It just depends on what’s going on in your business. And we do like a whole analysis of what’s going on in your business and work with lots of different business types.
So reach out to www.npsbank.com. Go to scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on high risk, and then, you know, fill out a form, contact us.

We’ll set up a 30 minute, no-cost consultation. So it’s Allen Kopelman. Another episode of the B2B vault was brought to you by NPS Bank and The Payment Advisory Board.

Merchant Statement Analysis | Merchant Services Statement Analysis
Merchant Statement Analysis | Merchant Services Statement Analysis


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