B2B Vault Episode 15: Chargeback Rescue – NPSBANK To The Rescue

Written by Allen Kopelman

November 9, 2021

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Hey, this is Allen Kopelman. Welcome you to another episode of the B2B Vault Podcast. So today we are going to talk about chargebacks. Chargeback is a crazy thing that businesses have to deal with. There’s nothing worse than getting that letter through email, fax or, the mail, and you have a chargeback to deal with.

So what is going on with chargebacks lately? Chargebacks are a crazy thing cause EMV, the chip card was supposed to kind of solve that problem, and the card present business. And you know, a lot of that fraud started because of the increased use of chips, sorta pushing off into the noncard present arena. And then with the onset of COVID, we saw the growing need for noncard present services and retail businesses with QR codes and different things like that. A lot of card-present businesses are getting chargebacks with websites. You know, it’s easy, easier to work with chargebacks because there’s more tracking. There are quite a few different services. You can link to your website. You know, as far as that goes, you can link to you 3d secure. Which we’re going to talk about more in another couple of podcasts that we’re going to do. You can sign up for different services where they monitor your chargebacks and help you fight the chargebacks. If the person needs to get a return, you can return the money before the chargeback hat. There’s a lot of interesting things. We were working with low-risk merchants, high-risk merchants, e-commerce, you know, strip clubs, nightclubs, but in the card-present arena.

One of the things that make our service different than the services that you normally get through these chargeback companies is they don’t work with card-present businesses, and that’s where chargeback rescue comes in. We work with a lot of nightclubs and a lot of businesses where they’re doing high ticket transactions and getting chargebacks. You know, most of them friendly fraud, the person’s just trying to get out of paying for it. So what do we do? We make sure that you get your chargeback, um, you know, in your email or on your fax or through a portal. And then, you know, you get the receipts together, we send them over to us and then we help you put together the, we help you put together the letter that gets sent back to the chargeback company and because chargebacks have been changing and we’ve seen a big increase in chargebacks in the last three to six months and he keeps going and going.

So if you need help with chargebacks, we help you. And on your website, one of the things that we’re showing is that we help you review your, um, we help you review your, all your, all of your, um, policies on your website because you can’t stop someone from doing a chargeback. But what we can do is we can slow it down. We can make it so that you’re the one in control. You’re in your favor, you know, do you need to have all sales final on your receipts? You know, so take a look @ chargebackrescue.com. If it’s something that you need for your business, contact us, book an appointment, fill out the contact form and we’ll help you out. Again. This is Alan Kopelman with the B2B vault, and I hope you enjoyed this episode. Listen to us on your favorite podcast network and click the follow button. Thank you.

Merchant Statement Analysis | Merchant Services Statement Analysis
Merchant Statement Analysis | Merchant Services Statement Analysis


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