B2B Vault Episode 14: Emerging Markets Payment Solutions

Written by Allen Kopelman

November 8, 2021

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Hey, this is Allen. With another episode of the B2B Vault today, we’re going to talk about emerging markets. This is one of my favorite subjects to talk about. And most business owners don’t even understand what’s emerging markets are, and you know what it’s all about. So a lot of people confuse emerging markets with international credit card processing. What doesn’t have anything to do with that? Emerging markets are certain types of businesses that visa and MasterCard assigned special rates for those businesses. And, you know, so the merchants get special interchange rates. Those interchange rates can result in an enormous amount of savings. We do consult. So part of our consulting is that we make sure that your business is classified correctly with the correct SIC code that you have licensing to match the SIC code so that your business can qualify for these emerging market rates. We call it interchange-busting. It does take some work on our part because we have to make sure we have everything in the file. We have to register you with the card brands and the same way as CPA. Deciphers the tax code. We decipher the code with visa and MasterCard. So who qualifies for these businesses that are involved in education telecom? So education can be anything, schools, childcare services, preschools, um, online education, anything involving education, you, you could be saving tons of money, especially if you’re using a platform like PayPal square or Stripe, um, or even regular credit card processing. You could save anywhere from 50 to a hundred basis points just on interchange telecommunications.

So this qualifies for phone companies, companies who sell phone systems that are over the internet, the IP telephone systems that everybody’s buying in their business. Many, many, many small companies sell those of yours. Small telecommunications company, you qualify childcare services, fuel dealers. There are tons of fuel dealers out there. And this doesn’t mean just gas stations. These are fuel dealers who are delivering fuel to people’s homes, to boats, um, supplying all kinds of different fuel propane. Maybe it’s a propane delivery company or a company that delivers gas to you, somebody has natural gas. All of this qualifies under fuel government entities, government entities, any kind of city police stations, um, collecting, uh, taxes, collecting any kind of government fees, licenses, all qualify. The next one is subscription services. These are huge concerts. Subscription services are growing, growing, growing business. SAAS, which is the service as a software, um, the snack boxes and things like that, that people order those all qualify under subscription services. So anybody that’s having a monthly thing, you know, sometimes I talk to a merchant, they go, well, we have this recurring monthly fee. And then we have regular, you know, our regular business, like let’s say an air conditioning company. So they want to have people on a monthly fee instead of paying yearly for their service contracts. So that’s a SAS service, and they can split their merchant account up and get much, much lower rates for this SAS part of their business. So, um, that’s great utilities, so utilities, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t have to be FPNL’s largest, uh, an electric company in Florida. It can be much smaller utility companies and we have helped them. You know, other types of companies we’ve helped like, uh, companies who supply dumpsters to businesses. That’s also regularly. Folks can be a recurring type of business. Plus they’re also considered a utility charity.

Also, get lower rates from visa and MasterCard. Many of them don’t know that I, I sat with a charity wants and we saved them about 75 basis points from what they were paying. They couldn’t believe this, oh, why didn’t our bank do that? Well, your bank makes money off of interchange because they’re a card issuer. We’re not a card issuer. So we don’t care about making, we don’t make any money from energy. So if we cut your interchange, that only helps that helps our customers. And it helps you. Insurance is huge. We, in the last couple of years, switched quite a few insurance companies. They were paying retail rates. They were completely unaware that they could qualify for emerging markets and with emerging markets. Um, a couple of them saved more than a hundred basis points per month on their processing. So if you’re processing, let’s say, um, you know, eight, $900,000 a month and you can save a hundred basis points. Cause you’re not on a market emerging market. That’s right, $9,000 a month in fees that you’re saving. So if you think that your business can qualify for emerging markets, let us know, go to the website, find the emerging markets. You can contact us, set up an appointment, or you can apply now and we can start the process with you to apply. Now, we also work with your software vendors. We have over 500 integrations and two different software, and we can get you integrated into our platform. So again, this is Alan Kopelman with the B2B vault. Hope you enjoyed the podcast. Click follow. You can also follow us on your favorite social media. We’re on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and catch us on the blog, LinkedIn. And thank you very much for listening today.

Merchant Statement Analysis | Merchant Services Statement Analysis
Merchant Statement Analysis | Merchant Services Statement Analysis
Merchant Statement Analysis | Merchant Services Statement Analysis


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