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10 Reasons To Accept Cryptocurrency

Written by Allen Kopelman

December 17, 2021

By Allen Kopelman, CEO Nationwide Payment Systems Inc.

2021 has been a break-out year for cryptocurrency usage and analysts expect year-over-year growth to continue at an average rate of 50 percent per year. With cryptocurrency transactions accounting for more than a million transactions a day worth more than $2 billion in US dollars, can your business afford to miss out on this growing trend?

If you’re concerned about price volatility, or intermediary processing fees, here’s some good news. Advanced cryptocurrency solutions have eliminated risks and unknowns and made cryptocurrency acceptance simple, profitable, and fun. Here are ten reasons for offering cryptocurrency as an additional payment option to your customers, suppliers, and partners.

1. A safe way to do business overseas

Cryptocurrencies are less expensive than wire transfers but just as direct and secure. Why charge costly foreign transaction fees of 1 to 3 percent? Upcharge at your discretion or charge a small transaction fee for secure cryptocurrency transactions and keep customers coming back.

2. Cost-effective commerce

These days consumers expect to check out in their preferred ways, and a growing number are choosing cryptocurrency. Best-in-class cryptocurrency platforms have no set-up fees, monthly fees, or chargebacks, which makes crypto a cost-effective alternative to traditional payments.

3. Eliminate pricing volatility

Guaranteed price protection eliminates volatility and liquidity risks related to cryptocurrency. Choose a licensed money service business provider that locks in the best exchange rates at the point of sale. Sell an item for $50 and receive $50 less a small transaction fee with guaranteed pricing and charge additional fees at your discretion.

4. Get paid in USD

When your customers pay with their chosen eWallets, your chosen provider will automatically convert their payments to your local currency and send the funds directly to your bank account.

5. Easy integrations

Best-in-class cryptocurrency platforms facilitate seamless, omnichannel commerce with API libraries that simplify shopping carts, iOS and Android, and other system integrations.

6. Easy-to-use portal

Your cryptocurrency platform’s transactional hub will display Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Litecoin, and Ethereum sales, refunds, and daily transactions. Send invoices and receive money in your bank, the same way that you batch out your merchant account.

7. Safe outlet for crypto holdings

Explore cryptocurrency and securely invest, store and transact within a stable infrastructure.

8. ID theft protection

Cryptocurrency technology’s built-in security includes Know Your Customer, Anti Money Laundering, and ID verification protects and secures transactions.

9. Accept multiple payment methods

Use available technology platforms to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrency into your payment options. Accept multiple cryptocurrencies and enable your customers to check out in their preferred ways.

10. Unlock new revenue streams

Accept cryptocurrency payments online, in stores, and via invoices and unlock untapped revenue with ongoing technical support.

NPS crypto solution users can use ANY wallet, unlike other solutions that require transferring crypto to another wallet. There’s no need to learn how to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrency. We do it all for you.

For more details, visit https://npsbank.com/cryptocurrency 

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