Domestic and High Risk Accounts Available




NPS has been offering merchant services since 2001 – we only offer direct merchant accounts through processors and bank, due to the new law enacted by Congress one of our partners has decided that they will accept CBD and Hemp, product merchants.

CBD Pay-Fac Solution 

Retail – Mobile – Virtual Terminal – E-Commerce 

Gateway – Our gateway is compatible with most shopping carts (WordPress, Woocommerce, OpenKart1, Magento 1 and 2.)

*Prohibited products on the website, Hemp Flower, Pre-Rolls, Shatter, Wax, Isolate and Kratom – these products can NOT be on your website.

CBD Retail Solution – Cashless ATM

How does it work?

• Buy a terminal for $399.00

Buy a Wireless 4G terminal for $599.00

• $17.99 per month for wireless service

• Charge Customers to the nearest $5, $10 or $20 increments

• Customer pays a $2.50 cent fee

• No Monthly Fee

• No Transaction Fees

• Your cost is for the machine only!

** no product restrictions **

CBD E-Check Solution 

•Have your customers pay you with an E-check

•Competitive Rates – NO Product Restrictions

•Integrate on to your website

CBD – High Volume – Merchant Account $250K or more in E-Commerce Volume

E-commerce – Non-Card Present Merchants Only.

If you are doing over $250K we can get you approved for processing – we are working with 2 domestic banks!

Prohibited – Hemp Flower, Shatter, Wax,  Kratom, Isolate and Pre-Rolls

Vape – Pipes Accepted but you must register with the card brands.

How do you get a Merchant Account for CBD/Hemp?


.03% THC or less

No claims 

FDA Disclosure 

The website cannot contain the words Marijuana, Cannabis or pictures of pot leaves on the site then the account will be declined.

Website must be compliant – * Privacy Policy * Terms and Conditions * Return Policy * Contact info * FDA disclosure * .03% THC or less disclosure * No Claims * 

Fill out our form and we will send you our pre-app and once we get back paperwork we will give you a website compliance report so your site will be a complaint for submission and a faster approval.

Step 1 – Fill out the form

Step 2We will send you an application after we review your website.

Step 3Send in the application with the requested documents

Step 4Your application will be sent into underwriting

Step 5 We will get your account approved

Step 6 Get a welcome email and we will ship our your credit card machine, pos or get your gateway set up.

Step 7 – start processing!

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