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Nationwide Payment Systems

Nationwide Payment Systems Inc. was founded in 2001. NPS services merchants in the South Florida area and across the United States, we work with businesses of all sizes and in a wide variety of industries, low risk to high-risk and everything in between. We work with several front-end processors, and banks which enable us to work with just about any hardware, software, and business type.

When you engage with NPS we are your consultants. We are here to help guide you through the process of getting everything set up involving payment processing.

  • Selecting Processors and/or Banks
  • Hardware and software options
  • Security – Going over EMV, PCI Compliance, Fraud solutions, and more.
  • Point of Sale hardware and software selection – retail, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc.
  • Pricing Options, cost plus (Interchange Pass-through), Flat Rate, Cash Discount, Surcharge, High-Risk Options, Emerging Markets, B2B options, and more.

We are easy to work with, offer great customer service, and are deeply knowledgeable about the processing business and available solutions.

Whether your a new business, start-up, e-commerce, low risk, medium risk, or high risk we tailor a solution to meet your needs. NPS provides a wide range of Technology for payment processing. We excel at providing excellent customer service through toll-free numbers, local service, equipment warranties, email, online reporting, and concierge service via cell phone, providing merchants with a point of contact so that questions can be answered in a timely matter and research can be done quickly.

Chargeback’s and the EMV liability shift are a concern of merchants today; Nationwide Payment Systems has a product called Chargeback Rescue designed to help you save time and money! We make sure that you understand the risks and help protect you from chargebacks. If, however, you do receive a chargeback, your point of contact will be able to assist you in the proper method of responding to the chargeback so that it does not affect your finances.

We Believe In Giving Back

We work with charities and organizations that we truly believe in so that we can help make a genuine impact on our community.

“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in. — Martin Luther King, Jr.

What does that mean to us?

It’s simple: the easiest way we make a difference in our community is by giving back. The South Florida area has supported our families and businesses since 2001. We are happy to support it right back!

Increase Your Fundraising

  • Year-round giving
  • End-year campaigns
  • Special projects
  • Use it all year long
  • Get a 30-minute consultation

State of the Art Online Donation Platform

  • Year-round giving
  • End-year campaigns
  • Special projects
  • Use it all year long
  • Get a 30-minute consultation

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE Interchange Busting Secrets

Your Bank is not your friend when it comes to Interchange!

Most banks issue credit cards. 99% of what you pay on your merchant statement is Interchange – so when it comes to “Optimizing” Interchange your bank is not going to do that as they make money from Interchange. However, NPS has banking partners who do not issue credit cards, using our gateways we help you optimize Interchange which can result in reducing your fees up to 1% in some cases and other cases even more!

Why You Should Do Business With Nationwide Payment Systems?

  • Experienced professionals to guide you with merchant services. Helping businesses of all sizes, we work with owners, CEOs, CFOs, Startups & all types of businesses.
  • NPS brings you “Payments as a Service”. Designing a program around your business, customized to your needs.
  • We learn about your business, we match you with the right bank/processor, technology, security, fraud solution if needed & pricing. We offer competitive pricing and a no-cost consultation is available.
  • If you are an ISV/Developer or want to have a PAYFAC we can integrate into the right gateway, match you up with the right technology & have online applications to get clients approved quickly.

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