NEW Subscription Based Program  50 Bottle Minimum starting at $500 per month!

Every pour . . . Every time . . . Perfect.


The Wunder-Bar Skyflo® device tracks every amount poured, while you track your profits.

• Precision pours

• Software tracks data

• Skyflo saves your bar money on pouring losses and unrecorded sales.

Precision pouring creates consistent profits.

The Wunder-Bar Skyflo® is the world’s most advanced wireless pouring management system!

• Touch spout with a selection of 4 preprogrammed pour sizes

• Software tracks data and sales

• The Wunder-Bar Skyflo saves you money by eliminating free-pouring and unrecorded sales

• Spouts can transmit data from hundreds of feet away


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With over 40 years in Beverage Dispensing Industry, Wunder-Bar has applied it’s knowledge to refine and further develop wireless dispensing technology with best practices and quality. Company expertise consists of software, electronics, mechanical engineering and manufacturing processes. Our new product, SkyFlo was conceived to meet new demands in an evolving Beverage Dispensing Market. SkyFlo is an Ecosystem of Wireless Dispensing Devices, Data Aggregation, Analysis, and Business Intelligence for the Beverage Dispensing Industry. Wunder-Bar’s team is dedicated to bringing these new technologies to the forefront with an agile engineering approach.

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Empower Bar Staff to Provide Consistent Pour. Everytime

The Pour Spout is an Evolution in Liquor Management. Configure up to 4, Selectable Sizes or Free Pour to provide solutions for evolving drink requirements of bar staff.

cloudflo_reportsAssess Bar Quality. At All Times

The Skyflo Reporting Platform enables restaurants, bars and companies to convert dispensing data into increased efficiency in their establishment.

beerflo_meterNo wires here. Only flow.

Analysis of Beer usage estimates bartender quality and consistency through the Beerflo Meter.


At the Heart of our Wireless Dispensing Devices…

The Skyflo Unit manages wireless dispensers in the Skyflo ecosystem and aggregates their data, providing control and visibility at one or more Restaurant or Bar.

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SkyFlo: Pour, Manage, Profit



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