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The easiest way to pay rent online! NATIONWIDE RENT PAY

  • Split your rent with Roommates

  • Get reminders when to pay

  • ¬†Schedule Automatic Payments

  • Pay Rent Online with a Credit Card/Debit card or Bank Account

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Pay with Roommates

Paying rent has never been easier

A – Register

B – Enter a Payment

C – Landlord is paid

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does NATIONWIDE RENT PAY cost?

If you are paying rent with a bank account it costs a flat $1.95. If you choose to pay rent with a credit card or debit card it will cost 2.99% of your monthly rent. Note: Your landlord can choose to cover some or all of these fees.

How can my landlord collect rent online?

Getting set up to accept direct deposit only takes a few minutes for landlords. No complicated contracts or hidden fees. Send you landlord an email by filling out the form on this page so they can learn more.

Is my private information safe?

Yes. This is something we care deeply about. We use 256-bit SSL encryption to store and secure all sensitive information. The server encrypts any information such as passwords, credit cards, and bank account details with AES encryption and are only accessible to you. We will never sell or share your private information with anyone.

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