We can help you turn your ISV into a payment facilitator without all the heavy lifting

Once your program is set up – your sub-merchants will be able to launch quickly and easily – with an online application, boarding and deployment.

Benefits of our PayFac Program:

  1. Registration optional

  2. Take the risk or have a no-risk program

  3. Instant onboarding – auto-approval of all merchants in most cases

  4. KYC and Underwriting is handled by NPS

  5. Statements for Sub merchants

  6. Chargebacks for Sub merchants

  7. Full Reporting

  8. Residuals paid monthly

  9. Residuals paid monthly

  10. Set pricing for all your clients, Flat Rate, Simplified Pricing

  11. Hardware for card-present merchants with flexible pricing

Take your ISV to the next level by turning it into a PayFac, no more paperwork for merchants, no phone calls, integrate the online app into your system
and merchants are boarded seamlessly.

The advantages of working with NPS is that we handle the heavy lifting and you can create recurring revenue for your ISV, APPS, Saas etc.

Find out how you can launch your PayFac in weeks and not months.

For more information and a demo of our system contact us or book an appointment and a Nationwide Payment Systems Payment Professional will contact you to discuss your technology needs. Sign up now send fax to send info sheet and NDA.