With over 20 years of experience, we have he know how to get it done for you and provide you with the best service.

Nationwide Payment Systems brings your business our payments as a service model this is for start-up, small to medium-size businesses, ISVs, Enterprise businesses and more!

We can make that happen — card-present, non-card present, e-commerce — NPS can design a program for your business and optimize your business. Some businesses have 2 to 4 merchant accounts on different platforms and have different pricing and monthly fees, we take all of that and organize it for you along with giving you the pricing you need.


We offer state of the art, hardware and software


All our products and services are PCI compliant

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24-7 Customer Support and online reporting

With over 20 years of experience, we have he know how to get it done for you and provide you with the best service.

Cost Plus

Pay a monthly subscription fee, Interchange Dues and Assessments. Interchange rates start at .05%.

While Interchange looks complicated, our experts can guide on the road to success!

Surcharge Program – Card-Present or Non-Card Present

Surcharging is a fee imposed upon the cardholder during a credit card transaction that covers the cost to accept the payment method. With state-level rules as well as card brand requirements, the restrictions can add complexity which is why it is important to ensure merchants use a reputable processor. Pay One monthly fee and 0% and fee for debit processing Credit Card Terminal or Virtual Terminal Software **requires merchants to register and to post a 30-day notice

Cost Plus Program – Pay Interchange, transaction fees and One Monthly Fee

(must submit 3 statements for a custom quote.)

Flat Rate Pricing – we offer a simplified pricing model. Card Present Rates Start at 2.59% Card Not Present Rates 2.9% to 3.5% **requires special quote based on volume and average sale **Equipment fees vary on selection

For Non-Card Present Merchants – adding on ACH requires approval and separate fees.

All programs work with Credit Card Terminals, Mobile Solutions, Point of Sale or Virtual Terminal Software.

Emerging Market Merchant types have special rates

  • Insurance
  • Fuel Dealers
  • Child Care Services
  • Subscription Services/Direct Marketing
  • Telecommunications
  • Education – Schools
  • Utilities
  • Government Entity
  • Charities/Non-Profits
Wallet Payments

Our B2B program Helps B2B Companies

  • Time Value of Money
  • Operational Efficiencies
  • Tax Benefit
  • Buyer Satisfaction
  • Level 2 and Level 3 Data