The Solution for Buy On-Line, Pickup Curbside

We are leveling the playing field – so you can complete with the big stores and chains – by offering you an affordable solution and new way to makes sales that are growing and are going to continue to grow and be part of every business plan!

Today we are faced with a variety of challenges, social distancing, how to do more business, keeping clients safe, and all the other things it takes to run a business! We bring you a great option that will meet those needs and can be set up quickly – added to your website and social media pages and you can start making more SALES!

The buzz words flying around today are: Social Distancing, Shop Local, Support Local Businesses, Contactless Payments, and Touchless – to name a few! We bring that all together in our product NPSPickup!

This product will work for restaurants, food stores, food trucks, retail stores, goods, services, and more! We provide an easy to use website that is customized for you, you can add it to your current website, and offer the same services that large companies are offering and it’s affordable!

White Label Website

A completely customized Buy on-line Pickup Curbside eCommerce website that can be customized with your company logo, colors, and products.


Populate your online inventory in the portal and now provide the customer with an easy to use pickup experience.

Payment Processing

It is included with the software, along with our 0% option!

Customer Insights

Whether a consumer checks out as a guest user or signs up for an account, the merchant can capture and track valuable customer trends, offers, and consumer information.


Once the consumer completes the checkout process the retailer will receive an order confirmation with a unique QR code to be used at the time of pickup to notify the retailer the customer has arrived and waiting

Order Receipt

The NPSPickup system will organize orders along with order timing. The new orders are received, orders can be tracked and fulfilled in a time-conscious manner. The customer then gets sent a text message that the order is ready for pick up curbside or walk-up.


Once the order has been filled, the customer texted and placed in a designated pickup area, you can notify the customer through the merchant portal, instantly alerting the customer via text.


For pickup, the customer will arrive at the designated pickup area at your business, then you scan their pickup QR code, and your customer can walk or drive off with their items without an in-store visit or touching any existing payment devices and practice social distancing.

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