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Nationwide Payment Systems

 Showing Businesses the Possibilities for Over 10 Years!

about us

Nationwide Payment Systems Inc. was founded in 2001 and services over 1000 merchants in the South Florida area and across the United States. Nationwide Payment Systems work with many merchants of all sizes in a variety of industries and we work with several front-end processors which enable us to work with just about any hardware, software and business type. Our division NPSBANK provides a wide range of products and services.

NPSBANK strives to provide excellent customer service through toll-free numbers, local service, equipment warranties, email, online reporting and concierge service via cell phone – providing merchants with a point of contact so that questions can be answered in a timely matter and research can be done quickly.

While pricing is important, we also make sure that you are set up properly on the back end of your business. Your sic codes and files are built in a way to ensure you get the best rates possible. We provide links and documents displaying the Interchange tables from all the major debit/credit card companies. We inform you of any new fees or changes in the card association policies as soon as they are released, through statement messages and emails.

Chargebacks are a concern of merchants today; Nationwide Payment Systems at NPSBank make sure you understand the risks and help protect you from chargebacks. If, however, you do receive a chargeback, your NPSBANK point of contact will be able to assist you in the proper method of responding to the chargeback so that it does not affect your finances.

Nationwide Payment Systems at NPSBANK we have the experience and knowledge to assist business owners with not only getting good pricing but also in servicing their accounts. Nationwide Payment Systems have been in the business since 2001 and we have many long-time merchants who depend on our knowledge of the business to help them navigate PCI compliance, chargebacks and more. Nationwide Payment Systems merchants’ process millions of dollars of transactions per month, and we empower our merchants with information, allowing them to better understand the payments industry.

Go to our Contact page or call Toll-Free 1-866-677-2265 and a Nationwide Payment Systems Certified Payments Professional can go over your specific needs. Together, we can find you the right solutions.

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