Nationwide Payment Systems offers Kiosk and Vending Solutions

We offer solutions for Retail, Vending, Kiosk, Transportation, Ticketing, Hospitality and more -If you have a solution already deployed and you want to upgrade to EMV, we can help. If you are looking to develop a new solution, we can assist with that too!

The Ingenico iSelf-Vending Solution is a cutting edge solution that can be integrated into any vending machine or kiosk.

Our solutions work with EMV, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Samsung Wallet and any other approved mobile wallets with our NFC Readers!

  • Vending machines and kiosks offer faster service – 24-7 access if needed!
  • Impulse busy.
  • Faster Service – Line Busting.
  • All of our solutions are EMV – Chip Card and have NFC Readers.
  • Kiosk – hardware and software solutions.
  • Optimize your work force with a self-service option
  • Create a novel self-service shopping experience
  • Shorter lines, faster service during peak times
  • Increase Revenue

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We Offer Revenue Share Programs as Well

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