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Below is an overview of each of our APIs, interfaces, and some fundamental payments considerations. If you need help, use the links below to our technical resources that are ready to assist you on your journey. Please familiarize yourself with the tools to help you decide what would be the best combination for your project. As always, feel free to connect with our Developer Support Team if you have any questions.

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The NPSBank Payment API is a RESTFul, Stateless Application Protocol Interface that utilizes an HTTPS Header for Authentication and a JSON body for the required data to generate a Payment request. The system will always prepare a Payment Response and return it to your server.

NPSBank Pivot is a JavaScript Library and Function that you can add to your Payment page and bypass sending sensitive card data to your server, thus eliminating the risks associated with storing, processing, or transmitting credit card data and allows you to operate in a PCI Compliance way.

You would use this Library and Function if do not want to store, process, or transmit card data on your system. If your design already includes server-side card processing, this library and function may not be for you.

The token service is used to generate a random, unique number, per merchant account, so you can store sensitive information on your server. Today we provide tokens for credit card and checking accounts. But our systems are ubiquitous and if you have other sensitive data you wish to convert to a secure token give us a call

NPSBank Recurring Payments Manager (RPM) will accept products or services that you enter into our system. Then you can assign customers and contracts to the plans. Once entered, via our RESTful RPM API or within our Processing Center, we take over and bill your customers and pay you.

The service also supports features such as account updates, customer notices, automatic retries, for both credit card and ACH.

Fight payment fraud and keep good customers happy with our easy-to-use tools. Selling in the digital world today, with no geographic boundaries, and the ever-increasing loss of personal financial data due to breaches, makes it hard for you to fight theft. Let us help you fight the bad guys with our easy-to-use fraud management services.

NPSBank BatchPay Service extends the payment services defined in the Application Protocol Interface to be sent to us as a file for processing instead of real-time. This may be a convenient method for businesses that either cannot transmit in real-time or because of the business function it makes more sense to process in batch. One example is sending capture-only transactions after the product is shipped.

NPSBank Hosted Pay Page is a service for websites that provides a payment form to your customer for inputting credit or eCheck payment information that will post directly to our server and return the non-sensitive results back to you via a redirect message and a response URL that you define.

By using this service, your company will never store, process, or transmit sensitive payment information (credit card or checking account) on your server. This both reduces risks associated with security breaches and reduces the requirements for PCI compliance.

Shopping cart plugins power the payment acceptance (taking credit cards) on your eCommerce site. Below is a list of NPSBank-certified plugins available. WooCommerce – Used for WordPress sites. Download and install the plugin to your site and configure the plugin. Contact Developer Support for your credentials to activate the plugin and start accepting credit cards.