The ChipCard Pro All-in-One Point of Sale System

The ChipCard Pro All-in-One Point of Sale System integrates  all the features a merchant requires to run an efficient and effective business, but at a fraction of the cost of competing models. ChipCard Pro is the perfect solution for a small business that is ready to go from a cash register to a point of sale system for a reasonable price. The wizards in the software help you configure your business and get you up and running quickly.

  • Great Features:
    • 15″ full color screen
    • Built in WiFi
    • Sealed screen against water and dirt
    • PA-DSS Compliant
    • Integrated with payment processing
    • Credit Card and Pin Debit integration
    • Graphical display of each item with photos
    • Sort products into custom product groups
    • Variable Permissions – assign different user permissions
    • Purchase Recommendations
    • Sales-on-Hold, Powerful reporting and statistics module

The ChipCard Pro Plus comes pre-loaded with 21 different business profiles, all self-installable and ready to use right out of the box. Some business profiles even come pre-loaded with product images, making it even easier to get up and running in the shortest time possible.

    • Bagel Shop
    • Bakery
    • Bar and Pub
    • Beauty Salon
    • Chinese Restaurant
    • Clothing Shop
    • Coffee Shop
    • Doughnut Shop
    • Fast Food Restaurant
    • Gift Shop
    • Ice Cream Shop
    • Italian Restaurant
    • Latin American Restaurant
    • Liquor Store
    • Mall Carts
    • Mexican Restaurant
    • Pizzeria
    • Seafood Restaurant
    • Smoothie Shop
    • Supermarket
    • Sushi Restaurant

Great for Hospitality

With the quick and easy ChipCard Pro installation, you can be ready to go in as little as 20 minutes!

Great for Retail

ChipCard Pro offers real time sales and statistics reporting to keep your business on track.

Wide Range of Accessories

From bar code readers and scanners to scales and cash drawers, ChipCard Pro has the right accessories for you.

Go to our Contact page or call Toll-Free 1-866-677-2265 and a Nationwide Payment Systems Certified Payments Professional can go over your specific needs and find you the right solutions together.


We believe that having the customer understand how much we respect their time and money earns loyalty. To support your business needs and growth, paired with our belief, we have many programs available that fully and seamlessly integrate with all of our systems.

Gift Cards

You can utilize our central gift card processing system to enable your customers to buy a gift card from one location and use it at another location. Perfect for chain stores and franchises.


The smartest customer retention tool in the industry. Loyalty, rewards, email & text marketing integrated with a sophisticated data analytics tool.
Enterprise Reporting
Enterprise Reporting for those who are committed to mastering the numbers that define your business. Extensive depths of additional reporting features are available.

Enterprise Reporting

Enterprise Reporting for those who are committed to mastering the numbers that define your business. Extensive depths of additional reporting features are available.

Quickbooks™ Integration

Give your bookkeeper a permanent vacation! The integration allows business owners to easily import daily totals directly from your POS to QuickBooks. Anything you need in QuickBooks™ Online or QuickBooks™ Desktop is available at the click of a button: Sales, Tax, Discounts, Tenders, Paid Outs, Gift Cards, House Accounts and more!

Online Ordering

Online ordering is becoming the new standard as customers look for more ways to be efficient with their time. When you’re ready, integrating this feature will immediately begin increasing your exposure and your profits. Online ordering offers restaurants the ability to receive orders, have them sent to the kitchen and integrates with delivery, driver assignment and mapping for to go orders.

Service Scheduling Software

The cloud-based service scheduling software was designed from the ground up to provide hospitality businesses with a smart scheduling and dispatch solution that’s fast, reliable and powerful. Schedule by service window or to the hour. Our scheduler is flexible enough to work the way your business works. And scheduling is just the start.


Franchise Ready

The Check Status Dashboard allows you to see all open, closed, voided and future checks on a single screen. A powerful real-time management tool at your fingertip.

Check Status Dashboard

The POS machine is not only designed for the ease of use for a small corner family deli yet has the effortless capacity to support a chain with hundreds of locations.

Table Layout With Status Control

We offer management an extremely effective way to track staff efficiency. See real-time whose been taken care of and who’s still waiting, at a glance.

Custom Pizza Ordering

We provide unique, customized accommodations down to ¼ size and incorporates corresponding price adjustments.

Employee And Store Performance Dashboard

Get an at-a-glance summary of the most important key indicators of your profitability. From who is selling the most to what is selling the most, know exactly what’s happening so you can make more effective and timely decisions.

Full Redundancy

The only fully-redundant POS on the market. All terminals communicate with one another within the network and with the cloud, real-time, so every machine is always current, store-wide. If one machine freezes, all others continue to operate normally including all pending transactions. No down-time, no restarting.


EMV is the global standard for card security. Established in Europe, it’s slowly making its way to the U.S. We are adopting it immediately for use with our EMV card readers for the highest level of data protection for cardholders and business owners.

Apple Pay

Apple’s mobile wallet app on iPhone and iWatch for convenient, secure, contactless payment with the credit card of your choice and our NFC card reader.


Mobile wallets such as Apple pay and Google wallet require NFC readers to process payment. We’ve adopted these technologies within our system to offer an additional layer of security for credit card protection.

Mobile Ready

Restaurant owners need the staff to be on the move with purpose. It runs, communicates, behaves and looks identical on both the terminal and the tablet. Take orders and process payments on the patio and it syncs real-time with the terminal.

For More Information contact us or book an appointment and a Nationwide Payment Systems Payment Professional will contact you to discuss your technology needs.