What is Blockchain? 

Blockchain technology enables distributed public ledgers that hold immutable data in a secure and encryptedway and ensure that transactions can never be altered. While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the most popular examples of blockchain usage, this “distributed ledger technology” (DLT) is finding a broad range of uses.

How does our Blockchain Solution Work? 

There are 2 parts to the system.
Part 1 – Authorizing credit cards on the blockchain and doing instant settlement across our blockchain ledger system. Once the transaction is settled instantly it is sent over to part 2.
Part 2 – Taking Instant transaction settlement and storing that information across our blockchain banking system and all the information is in the merchants “wallet” and those funds can be accessed by having an auto-batch to your Bank Account or by using our E-check system to pay vendors, employees, bills and more!
You can also download transactions, batches and other information and merge into your pos or accounting systems to reconcile your books.
Our entire solution is FDIC insured and back by a Publicly Traded Company.
Nationwide Payment Systems is launching Blockchain payments that can be used in Retail and Ecommerce by merchants of all sizes.
At NPS we are partnering with new companies to bring disruption to the point-of-sale and e-commerce landscapes with our new customizable advanced solutions. Businesses that require a reliable point-of-sale system for efficient and effective day to day operations, or E-commerce gateway NPS can provide both solutions. Built with NEW Blockchain technology, all your information and data is reliably secured and protected. NPS and our Blockchain partners can enable businesses to take charge, improve efficiency, and increase their revenue.
Our partners have solutions for both Retail and E-commerce that take security to a new level, save merchants money
Accept Bitcoin and Crypto Currency in your business – we can enable your website or do a face to face point of sale transaction and you can accept bitcoin and other Crypto currencies as a form of payment and convert that to U.S. Dollars and deposit U.S.D. into your bank account.
*This is good for International, High Dollar and Luxury transactions.
Bitcoin ATMS
Get a Bitcoin ATM in your location for your customers to buy Bitcoin and other Cypto Currencies and create an additional income stream

For More Information contact us or book an appointment and a Nationwide Payment Systems Payment Professional will contact you to discuss your technology needs.