NPSATMS has been offering ATM’s to businesses since 2001 and we have the expertise and programs to meet your business needs.

We offer a variety of ATMS with EMV Readers, Optional Currency Conversion, Digital Locks, S&G Locks, Different size cash drawers to meet your needs. And we offer NPS Cash Alliance for businesses needing armored car service. Our featured ATMS:


Great for high risk businesses

Retailers who have a hard time getting credit card processing.

Great nail salons, game rooms and more

Transactions done in $5, $10 or $20 increments

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When your business utilizes NPS Cash Alliance, you can successfully and economically run your ATM program at very affordable rates — possibly even saving money when compared to your current operating costs. All cash is transported in armored trucks & is fully insured.


NPS now offers our NPS Cash Alliance  Program. This comprehensive solution provides your business with access to cash,  armored carrier management, and remote monitoring  – at highly competitive rates!

  • Free up your cash

  • Free up your time

  • Lower your costs (vehicle, gas salary, insurance, back-office, downtime)

  • Safety for your employees and customers

  • Cash is fully insured

  • On-line monitoring

  • Nationwide coverage Streamlined set-up


Get an ATM installed in your location to boost customer traffic. Increase your per-ticket, overall sales, and improve your per-customer profit; with more cash sales, having an ATM can decrease your credit card fees and bad check losses.

NPSATMS makes ATM ownership a streamlined process that is fun, easy, and beneficial to your bottom line. ATM ownership provides you with substantial revenue with no constant maintenance from you.

While other companies re-direct you to a different company to assist with the setup process, NPSATMS does all the work for you. We’ll even be here for you throughout your entire ATM ownership, giving you the personalized service you deserve. ATM programs are customized for your business and we will provide you with a cost-effective solution. All of our machines have digital locks, EMV readers and are ADA compliant! 

We’re committed to providing our customers the most cost effective and efficient maintenance services in the industry; to create a detailed ATM repair request(s)
email us a detailed request

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For More Information contact us or book an appointment and a Nationwide Payment Systems Payment Professional will contact you to discuss your technology needs.