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We have been offering ATMs to businesses since 2001 and we have the expertise and programs to meet your business needs.

We offer a variety of ATMS with EMV Readers, Optional Currency Conversion, Digital Locks, Cardless ATM Transactions, S&G Locks, Different size cash drawers to meet your needs. And we offer NPS Cash Alliance for businesses needing armored car service.

Our featured ATMS:

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MX 2800SE Force
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The modern, yet simple design and elegant lines of the Hyosung ATM’s looks like no other ATM; allowing it to enhance any setting it’s placed in. The optional LED topper, or LCD topper, are powerful advertising tools and seamless extensions of the ATM


The enhanced graphics features include streaming news and weather updates, background changes, advertising capability, and vibrating touch screen.


Use our ATMs to promote your business to a targeted audience. Just like billboards and retail signage are used to promote goods and services to consumers, ATMs represent prime advertising real estate that can showcase individual or multiple company names, products and services. Advertisements can also be cross-sold to consumers walking by.

NPSCash Alliance

When your business utilizes NPS Cash Alliance, you can successfully and economically run your ATM program at very affordable rates — possibly even saving money when compared to your current operating costs. All cash is transported in armored trucks and is fully insured.

NPSCASH Alliance is Extremely Affordable

NPS now offers our NPS Cash Alliance Program. This comprehensive solution provides your business with access to cash, armored carrier management, and remote monitoring – at highly competitive rates:

  • Free up your cash
  • Free up your time
  • Lower your costs (vehicle, gas salary, insurance, back-office, downtime)
  • Safety for your employees and customers
  • Cash is fully insured
  • On-line monitoring
  • Nationwide coverage Streamlined set-up
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The Cashless ATM looks like a credit card processing machine but provides the ability for the business to run transactions with a fee the same way an ATM works. The only difference is that the merchant can give cash back (optional). Transactions are done a $5, $10, or $20 or pre-set amounts. The machine prints a receipt and the customer can redeem that receipt for goods and services at your business.

Credit Card processing charges the business owner a percentage on each sale. The Cashless ATM has a fee that the customer pays (differs by business type). The merchant does not have to PAY any processing fees!

Customers prefer to use Pin-Based Cards for greater security! Debit Cards are widely used and everyone has one. Some customers will even use a regular Credit Card if they have the PIN!

Funds are deposited to the Cashless ATM Owners bank account in 24 to 48 business hours!

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Kiosk & Vending Solutions

Kiosk & Vending Solutions

Nationwide Payment Systems offers payment processing solutions for the Kiosk and Vending industry! With newer equipment and access to the Internet, you are no longer looking at expensive ways to run your kiosk or vending machines.

You can have one merchant account for each machine or have them all under one merchant number and one gateway. This saves merchants in the Kiosk and Vending space a lot of money. Identify each machine with a unique ID number! This also makes adding on a new machine a breeze with no applications or waiting to get approved.

Linking your machine to the gateway makes everything more efficient.