Partnerships are important to us at Nationwide Payment Systems

We are always transparent with all our partners






We can offer your clients the following

  • $0 application fee
  • Free Equipment – in most case
  • Point of sale – Equipment for Retail and Hospitality
  • And more!

Agent Program

✓ Become an Agent and resell our services for both low risk and high-risk products

✓ To find out more about becoming an agent contact us to set up a meeting

✓ Many reps that are selling bankcard already partner with us for our high-risk programs

✓ So, if you are already selling merchant accounts – we can help you take the clients you

✓ Cannot get approved and get them approved and earning your income!

Agent Bank Program

✓ We offer banks a unique relationship for their clients.

✓ Each program is designed specifically to meet your needs.

✓ We offer a wide range of products and services and we can integrate processing into over 500 different software products.

✓ We offer a full suite of ATM products and we can show your bank how to leverage ATM’s in your local area to serve your clients better.

✓ We service Card present and non-card present businesses along with e-commerce and more. We support Level 2 and Level 3 for your business to business clients!

Are you ready to get started?

Before you begin:

Contact NPS

✓ We go over the scope of your project – sign an NDA and match you with someone on our development team and then we get to work on your project.

✓ Let’s discuss your project!