Accept ACH and Lower your Costs

We offer ACH (Automated Clearing House) as part of your online cash discount program*

  • ACH Processing allows businesses to debit your client’s bank account for good and services.
  • ACH acceptance eliminates accepting paper checks, reduces overall payment acceptance costs.
  • Accept payments through our customize payment portal – connect it to your website by using an API, Virtual Terminal, Hosted Forms.
  • We support one time payments, recurring payments, subscriptions and once your client’s info is saved to the database you have complete control.
  • When you apply for your merchant account and ACH at the same time we process it through one online application.
  • Easy to set up with fast approval

* High ACH amounts over $10K for a single payment might require some additional documentation

Nationwide Payment Systems offers a variety of ACH and check processing services that can help you increase sales, save time, save money and eliminate trips to the bank to make deposits. The following list highlights the benefits of each of our check processing services and can help you decide which product is right for your business needs.