2020 was a crazy year, and we saw some trends that some businesses jumped on – and others have not made a move. The B2B world has changed: You make a sale and send out an invoice by mail (or email).

What kind of challenges are you facing in your business? We have the solutions:

  • Need to speed up payments?
  • Time value of money?
  • New payment methods needed?
  • Employees working at home?
  • Cyber Security an Issue?
  • PCI Compliance Issues?
  • We can help you solve those issues; we will customize a program to meet your needs.

Check out our payment trends for 2021

So, you want to get paid. Now what?

Trend 1 – Payment Links

You need to set up a link so that your customers click on a link or button and pay your invoice.

Trend 2 – Payment Portals

Set up a payment portal page where your client/customer can pay their invoices/statements.

Trend 3 – Recurring/Subscriptions

Recurring/Subscription payments – many businesses are setting up memberships and monthly payments.

But are you doing it the right way?

If you are doing a significant amount of business, say, over $10K – you should consider setting up another merchant account. Then you can classify that part of your business as a subscription and take advantage of Emerging market interchange rates and save 20-70 basis points on your credit card processing fees.

Trend 4 – ACH/E-check

ACH/E-Check – no longer do businesses want to wait for the check to arrive by mail – where is your staff working these days?

If you are working at home, accepting ACH/E-check is the way to go!

Trend 5 – Payment Requests

Sending out payment requests via text and or email to collect payments. This makes it easy for your clients to pay you and takes your business out of the scope of PCI Compliance.

Trend 6 – Cyber Security and PCI Compliance

Security – using all or some of these methods reduces your security concerns. You can’t firewall everyone at home that is full of devices.

Trend 7 – Time Value of Money

Many companies need to take a look at these trends and take action to give their customers the savings.

How do we work with your company?


We work with non-card-issuing banks, banks that issue cards make money from Credit Card Interchange, so they are not going to use – Interchange busting techniques to save client’s money – some of the techniques requiring paperwork and filed, in case of an audit. If you intentionally use the wrong SIC code and get audited the fines to the merchant and fees owed could be costly! So, identifying the correct code, registering your business, and or having the right info on file can save merchants thousands of dollars! We work for you! We are your consultants – we work with you and our processors to get you set up with the best technology, security, fraud features, and pricing!

Nationwide Payment Systems has been in setting up merchant accounts for business owners since 2001.

Co-founded in 2001 by Allen Kopelman and David Burney, NPSBank is based in South Florida – servicing merchants across the United States. We focus on technology, security, and Interchange to help you save time and money!