What can Merchants Expect when the Unexpected Happens?
Nationwide Payment Systems has been working with business owners since 2001 and there have been a lot of ups and downs in our economy and business in all that time that has taught us lessons and things tend to repeat each time we are in a downturn.
What the past has taught us that we can help you avoid!
2008-2009 – Economy went down and gas went to $5.00
What did the merchant experience in these times?
1 – Chargebacks were coming in by the droves as people could not pay their bills, they did chargebacks – do we expect this again YES!
2 – Restaurants doing delivery and pick up – expect to get chargebacks, the food was cold, etc..etc.. – keep good records!
3 – Places of business that are closed – these are venerable – people will do chargebacks hoping you won’t respond.
4 – Recurring payment – these will get canceled – when people are out of work – these are the first thing they cut – any luxury of life if you have recurring payments make it easy for people to cancel – or they will chargeback and try to do more then one month
5 – Key entering transactions and not getting an authorization signed and proof of delivery – you will lose these chargebacks!
6 – Scammers – they will be out by the droves!!!!  They will try to scam you with large orders and dreams of you making money that will result in a loss.
What can merchants do?
Talk to your processor and make sure your chargebacks are going to a virtual fax number so you know you will get them – the mail is getting slower!
When someone asks for a refund on a recurring payment or wants to cancel – just do it – a chargeback will cost you more money – and the chargeback fees are $20 to $40 each could be more than the purchase itself.
Restaurants – if you want to get away from the delivery services we are offering a package – free website, free set up, online ordering set up fee waived, online ordering monthly fees waived for 6 months.
Control your own delivery and pick up and put your employees to work!
We can help you no matter what business you are in large, small, any business type, new to e-commerce and more!
Be careful of SCAMMERS who make large orders and do not provide documentation
Nationwide Payment Systems has been in business since 2001 and we can evaluate your current processing procedures, make some suggestions, and get you set up with technology to help your business in the current business climate!!
While you can’t stop someone from filing a chargeback you can make sure you win!
Right now we are waiving all set up fees!
Free Equipment!
No set up fees on software!