emv and chargeback

One of the issues many merchants are facing is the increased amount of chargebacks that they are getting in their businesses. The hospitality industry and luxury markets are two of the hardest hit merchant types. Chargebacks have been increasing and some merchants are taking loses that accumulate to thousands of dollars a month!


If you do not have EMV terminals here are some tips –


  • Get an EMV terminal; this is the best way to protect your business!


  • Watch out for Visa and American Express Gift Cards that have been altered – this has been a major problem because the mag-stripes are altered. Many businesses are not accepting these gift cards anymore because they can’t insure that the employees are doing the proper checks.


  • When swiping a card on a non EMV machine or POS system you must check the last 4 digits printed on the receipt and compare them to the card.


If your business is not EMV ready you will likely become a target of fraudsters that want free meals and goods.


Nationwide Payment Systems offers a variety of solutions that are affordable for businesses.


  • Chipcard Go
  • Chipcard Mini
  • Chipcard Pro
  • EMV Terminals
  • Wireless EMV options

And more!


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