Nationwide Payment Systems launches ChipCard Go! – A revolutionary product for the credit card processing industry! What makes ChipCard Go different? Since the liability shift October 2015, the #1 industry that has suffered is the hospitality industry, restaurants, bar, nightclubs etc… are taking the brunt of losing chargebacks in many areas of the country. We see businesses losing $1000 to $10,000 a month in chargebacks due to fraud caused by not having EMV terminals. Many restaurants do not want to install side terminals because they use expensive Point of Sale Computers and the reconciliation process would be problematic.

ChipCard Go fixes that problem for over 500,000 merchant locations that are using PosiTouch, Micros, InfoGenesis and Dinerware and more! Our software integrates into the POS and then the wait staff can access the same info on our ChipCard Go Tablet!

The server simply enters the same code that they would use to access the POS and then enter it on the CC Go Tablet – all their tickets appear – they select the one they want to close out and then take the device over to the table and the customer can now pay by inserting their EMV card – the check can be split many different ways –as well – the tip is added and then the CCG goes the extra mile – with a short survey, asking if you would return to the restaurant , rate the service, food and atmosphere, and then entering in your email address or phone number – the receipt is delivered to your phone or email and can be downloaded as a pdf if needed. If a customer wants a printed receipt it can be retrieved from the POS.

If a customer leaves a negative review – the manager is notified through a text message and can go into action before the customer leaves the restaurant – this can help out a lot – making sure people are not leaving and then making negative reviews on Facebook, Yelp or other social media .


  • Point to Point Encryption
  • POS Integration – Micros, PosiTouch, InfoGenesis, and Dinerware and more!
  • Stand Alone option available – without POS integration.
  • Guest view on-screen bill that includes full line item details
  • Guests Pay at the table – Customers like the security of their card not leaving their site
  • Protects against chargebacks from the Oct 2015 Liability Shift
  • Reports all the sales and tips to the POS for smooth reporting
  • POS reconciliation is not required with ChipCard Go
  • Track Customer with our CRM Database
  • Data – the CCG also tracks how much customers are spending in your restaurant and you can send out texts and emails to market to your clients.
  • RealVoice™ Instant Feedback to shield against bad reviews allowing the business to communicate directly with guests before they leave.

CHIPCARD GO – can be used for deliveries too! – CHIPCARD Go can be integrated into your POS or it can be used as a standalone terminal in any business!

Disruption is here – Join the Revolution! – Get a live Demo of ChipCard Go!

Nationwide Payment Systems has been in the credit card processing industry since 2001 and processes for merchants across the United States. We have seen many new products over the years, the all in one terminal, terminals that used the internet instead of the phone line, check processing, debit, wireless, Bluetooth, transaction through a cell phone, tablets, EMV and more!

For information, a demo, or ordering your ChipCard Go call us at 954.772.9008 or email us at . Details on our new ChipCard Go Product can be found here at