Use our ATMs to promote your business to a targeted audience. Just like billboards and retail signage are used to promote goods and services to consumers, ATMs represent prime advertising real estate that can showcase individual or multiple company names, products and services. Advertisements can also be cross-sold to consumers walking by.


Branding and advertising revenue benefits ATMs offer advertisers a channel to reach consumers near where they will make a purchase. Even a simple ATM wrap or topper advertisement can elevate the ATM from a drab machine stuck in a corner of a convenience store to a high-energy, high profit destination. In a busy consumer location such as…

  • gaming centers
  • amusement parks
  • bowling alleys
  • restaurants
  • and many other places

Raising the profile of an ATM with branding or advertising can increase traffic volumes. Reported transaction volumes increased 15 percent on machines with a topper.

“If you have a machine attracting more attention, customers are going to spend more of that money in the store,” “If the ad is for a brand that’s sold in the store, it’s not a big leap to assume you’ll see a spike in the sales.