Here we are April 2016, 5 months into EMV and the Liability Shift. Currently less than 40% of businesses are EMV ready and accepting Chip Cards.

Here are some of the Questions we are getting at NPS from business owners along with answers.

Question – I have an EMV terminal but it does not work?

Solution – Your terminal needs to gets an EMV download and new encryption

Question – I have a Point of Sale Computer System and we do not have EMV what do we do?

There are a few choices –

  1. Use side terminals
  2. Get a new POS System that has EMV

NPS Offers a point of sale solution that has EMV readers that are both wired or wireless, we can tailor a solution for your needs.

Question – We do not have EMV because tipping is an issue on the EMV machines.

Solution – NPS offers 2 terminal solutions and a POS Solution that has the advance capability to do tip after the sale. If you have restaurant, salon, bar or nightclub we can tailor a solution for your business.

Question – We have been getting chargebacks and they say POS Fraud, No Chip Read

Solution – You need to upgrade to EMV – the liability shift has no put the onus of the chargebacks on the merchant you need to upgrade to EMV – ASAP.

Question – Our Customers are asking if we accept Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay – how can we accept those payments.

Answer – You need to have an EMV machine that is equipped with NFC – near field communication so that you can accept those payments.

Question – If we take an Apple Pay payment is that EMV

Answer – Yes!

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