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EMV Pay at the Table

Pay Fast and Secure with Chipcard Go

Gives your existing POS system the ability
to accept payments at the table – fully integrated

Revolutionary Product

The next evolution in payments is here now!

 Saves time and customers  love it




Point to Point Encryption

POS Integration – Micros, PosiTouch, InfoGenesis, and Dinerware and more!                                   PoS_with_Chipcard_Go

Stand Alone option available – without POS integration.

Guest view on-screen bill that includes full line item details

Guests Pay at the table – Customers like the security of their card not leaving their site

Protects against chargebacks from the Oct 2015 Liability Shift

Reports all the sales and tips to the POS for smooth reporting

POS reconciliation is not required with ChipCard Go

Track Customer with our CRM Database

Data – the CCG also tracks how much customers are spending in your restaurant and you can send out texts and emails to market to your clients.

 Instant Text Feedback to shield against bad reviews allowing the business to communicate directly with guests before they leave.



Technology that is Secure, Fast & Affordable

                      ChipCard Go increases the security of payments and decreases or eliminates the risks that may be present in current payment processes. The end result for business is heightened security, lower risk and increased consumer trust, and eliminates chargebacks due to the liability shift from October 2015.



How it Works: Full POS Integration

  • Servers login to Chipcard Go with their POS credentials and see their own tickets.
  • The server hands Chipcard Go to guest
  • Guests view on-screen bill that includes full line item details.
  • Checks are able to be split at the table.
  • Guests pay at the table with mixed payment types including chip card, mag stripe card, NFC, Apple Pay and cash.
  • Payment is settled to POS, tips are automatically applied and reported to the POS.
  • No end of shift reconciliation
chipcard go machine



 Split the Bill



 ChipCard Go Processes the Payment &

Provides Customer Data

  • Know and Communicate with Your Customers
  • Know who your guests are, what they order, how often they visit, what they spend & what they like.
  • Market to customers through email or text.
















  • Instant text feedback
  • Connect with more than 80% of Customers
  • Shield against bad reviews in social media, Free Hostess app to receive reviews in real time. Communicated directly with guests.
  • Instant Guest Feedback via a survey after customer pays.



Merchants will be up and running in one day without disrupting the business, quickly, smoothly and ready to start processing new payment technology that’s easy to use.


Consumers will love the ease of use and security because their card is not leaving the table. Adding tip, filling out a short survey and signing on screen, getting the receipt emailed or sent by text – saving paper, time and being green and Eco-Friendly all at the same time!


EMV – Chip Card Security

Level 1, 2 and 3 Certified. Guests who swipe a chip card are instructed to dip so card is processed as EMV. Merchant protected non EMV chargebacks.



P2PE: Point-to-Point Encryption and Tokenization

The CCG encrypts data at the read head for both EMV chip and swiped cards. The data travels securely to the Gateway and is decrypted by the processor’s key. Tokenization replaces sensitive card data information with a data surrogate (also called masked data) so there is no relationship between tokens and real value. The result is no real card data on the POS, CCG or in the internal network.


Encrypted Magnetic Stripe Swiper

The swiper encrypts card data at the read head for both EMV chip and swiped cards. The encryption algorithm is Triple DES which applies the Data Encryption Standard (DES) cipher algorithm three times to each data block.


Out of PCI Scope

Your PCI self assessment questionnaire will be able to remove your POS and network from PCI scope. The CCG can simplify and reduce the scope of a merchant’s Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance most POS systems are PCI 4. With ChipCard Go you are reducing your PCI scope to level 1. Going from answering 500 questions to approximately 20.


Encrypted Communication

TLS (SSL) encryption. No card data on the ChipCard Go device.


Secure NFC Secure NFC

Payments are supported in hardware and available in an upcoming software release. Apple Pay and NFC coming soon.




About ChipCard Go

Today’s Consumers are looking for the fastest and easiest way to receive the best service at restaurants, retail stores or hotels. They are booking reservations and placing orders on the go with mobile devices. Customers are also using their mobile devices to make more and more transactions it is becoming more popular every day. Businesses need to be versatile and adopt new technologies to be successful and to eliminate Chargebacks. Businesses need to be able to meet the expectations of their customers, who want to pay with Chip Card Technology! ChipCard Go is quick, efficiently, and easy to use for merchants and customers and it provides great features.


ChipCard Go Team

Nationwide Payment Systems has been working with merchants and technology since 2001, we are bringing this product to merchants so they can get EMV compliant, reduce and eliminate chargebacks, reduce their PCI scope, provide a better customer experience and we bring to the table either using chipcard go integrated to your POS it using it as a stand alone product. NPS bringing technology to your business that is affordable and scalable.